3 Best Online Games for Your Phone

Are you looking for a way to push away the boredom? If yes, then what’s better than playing online games on your phone.

At present, there are endless genres of online games that are entertaining, engaging, and fun to play. These games are also an efficient way to take a break from a busy life. Not only does it keep you occupied for a while, but it also relaxes your mind.

There are numerous online games that are ruling the industry currently. However, our top 3 picks are as follows.

1. Among Us

Out of all the games that got viral, among us is the most famous one. It was considered the game that everyone needed during the pandemic.

With the support of social media and gaming influencers, among us became a mandatory addition to numerous smartphones. In this game, 4-10 players are released in a spaceship, and each of them is given a private role as impostor/crewmate.

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In this multiplayer game, these crewmates must complete assigned tasks while preventing any attack from impostors. They also must prevent any hurling from the ship. After one round, you will have to guess who the impostor was. If you guess it accurately, you win!

2. Teen Patti Game by Octro – Live 3 Patti Online

TeenPatti by Octro is an outstanding online casino game to play on your phone. It is a three-card game that is famously known as Indian Poker. You can play this online game with real players around the world. The user interface of the game is quite straightforward.

Teen Patti offers numerous features like Gullak, where you could save your winning and use them when there are no more chips left. You can also get a download bonus and a daily bonus for a better experience. It allows you to connect with friends where you can chat, play, and invite your friends from Facebook.

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If you are into gambling and related genres, you can also opt for other online Indian casinos through www.indiacasinos.com. Most of them are quite fun and easy to play!

3. Mario Kart

We all love Mario, don’t we? Mario has been part of our childhood (90’s kid, duh!). Now, it’s back with its mobile version called Mario Kart. You can find MArio card, and many other games for free on 3dsroms.org.

It is a car racing game that you could play with your friends if they are nearby. Both of you will have to turn on the location. By this means, the game could access that you both are racing against each other.

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Around seven players can play this game without any hassle. While it’s pretty fun with friends, plus points if you have siblings!

That way, the game becomes extra competitive and entertaining. The game is entirely free and available on both iOS and Android.

Best Online Games
Best Online Games