5 Easy Ways to Stimulate Weight Gain

Modern lifestyle predisposes you to constant stress, health issues, and a fast-paced way of life. It can impact your holistic well-being and interfere with vital functions. Due to the hustle-bustle, you may overlook your body’s nutritional needs. Further, it causes a poor level of nutrition and may hinder your weight gain goals. When it is about gaining weight, you must aim for a well-balanced diet rich in essential nutrients. From the building blocks like proteins to the energy-enhancing carbs, your body needs every nutrient to store fats. Here are the top ways to gain weight faster and retain it. 

1. Consider Protein Shakes & Smoothies 

Do you tend to gulp down sodas and carbonated drinks to quench your thirst between work? Instead of loading up on harmful drinks with little nutritional value, you can switch to healthy drinks. Try out protein-enriched shakes and smoothies to fill up your tummy right away. Not to forget, it will provide essential nutrients like proteins, carbs, and vitamins. You must get some milk, fresh fruits, and dried fruits to prepare a delicious smoothie. Apart from easy satiety, it may contribute to the retention of fats in your body. 

If you don’t like eating much, delicious drink options may be your rescue. You can replace your meals with thick shakes to make the most of their nutritional content. Try including at least 1-2 bowls of smoothies in your daily diet for maximum nourishment. Also, you may add some herbal supplements like CBD tincture or THC vape to your weight-gain routine. This is because cannabinoids interact with your gastric pathways and can balance your metabolism. 

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2. Choose Calorie-Dense Foods 

One of the best ways to increase the build-up of fat in your body is through calorie-dense foods. You need to include foodstuffs high in calories to increase the daily calorific intake. Also, try to modify your diet and transform it into a high-calorie one. You can garnish your basic salad bowl with some avocados, dried fruits, and cheesy toppings. Some foods like cheese, nuts, eggs, and whole milk are healthy plus high in calories. While opting for high-calorie foods, refrain from consuming too much junk food. 

Such a healthy dietary pattern can stimulate fat development as well as storage. Studies suggest frequent eating and increasing your daily calorie intake may help tackle malnutrition. If you face constant hurdles in your weight-gain journey, consider consulting an expert dietician. 

3. Consume Frequent Meals 

Another effective way to gain weight is through mindful changes in your eating. Avoid eating more significant portions at a time and switch to smaller portions. Also, you can increase the frequency of your meals to facilitate the assimilatory process. The ideal eating pattern for reliable weight gain is consuming a small portion every 2 to 3 hours. That way, you can amp up your weight without going through the pain of eating more than you want to. It could be anything, ranging from an extra snack between meals to a full-blown meal. 

Aim for at least 5 to 6 portions of small meals to satiate your hunger pangs and accomplish the goal faster. Not to forget, it may act as a protective aid and prevent the incidence of diabetes. Make sure to change your dietary and eating habits for an effective weight gain.

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4. Target Effective Exercises 

When it comes to gaining weight, you don’t have to focus on the dietary aspects only. Try to include some weight-gain exercises in your daily routine. You can bulk up through regular exercises and develop muscles faster. For this purpose, the exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges might help. This is because the exercises target the entire body and facilitate muscle hypertrophy. Further, regular exercise increases the glycogen reserves in your body to meet the daily exercise requirements. 

Target around 30 to 40 minutes of low-intensity exercise to promote the build-up of fats. Also, it helps improve your body’s mobility, makes you more flexible, and increases nutritional reserves. Grab your gym gear and head out to exercise for long-term health. 

5. Opt For Healthy Fats 

Almost every person realizes the need to consume fats for weight gain. But, did you know that you need to target only the good fats for gaining gain? Try to be mindful of the amount and type of fats you consume daily. Also, aim for fats rich in high-density lipids that facilitate liver functions and contribute to weight gain. Some foods like avocados, walnuts, healthy oils, and seeds contain ample good fats. A diet rich in healthy fats increases your assimilation, improves digestion, and promotes metabolism. 

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Final Verdict

Gaining weight can be as challenging as losing those dreaded extra pounds if you don’t know the right way. If your goal is to amp up your body’s pounds, you must change your diet and regimen. Aim for at least 5 to 6 smaller portions of meals throughout the day. Also, try increasing the number of drinks like smoothies or protein shakes in your diet. 

It helps increase the protein content and other essential nutrients in your body. Besides this, take care of your sleep habits and exercise for maximum weight gain. You may consult an expert if the changes don’t work out for your body. 

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