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Bhima bhoi biography and life story and mahima dharma : Today we will discuss about the life of bhima bhoi i.e. bhima bhoi life story will tell all the stories in front of you from the beginning to the end, which you will also be blessed to hear that why bhim bhoi is also called second buddha and why It is said that in this small article you will get to read all the stories.

Bhima Bhoi : An Indian Poet Whose Poem is Inscribed on the Walls Of UNO Halls

Tell that bhima bhoi was born in the sun-1850, he was born in a very simple and poor family in a village called redhakhol under sambalpur of odisha state.

Bhima bhoi had lost her eyesight due to some illness since childhood, that is, she had become completely blind, she used to be intelligent and knowledgeable since childhood, before whom even big pundits would give up. No one respected him because of his very kind and simple human qualities.

He was very interested in reading bhima bhoi life story, but there was no school around him, due to which he started studying at home without going to school and was so clever in reading that if he listened to any chapter once, then in his mind All those things used to get fixed.

As he grew up, his simplicity, humility and compassionate nature also increased, as well as his wealth of erudition and knowledge also started spreading and spreading, seeing that the big pundits and Brahmins turned against him and threatened to scare him with death.

bhima bhoi did not listen to anyone, went on doing his work and kept preaching people to walk in the right path.

According to bhima bhoi history, he was so kind that he could not see any kind of sufferings of the people in the world and cried seeing the pain and suffering of others as if he had suffered a deep injury.

He always used to think that why God gives so much sorrow, cost to the people, instead of this he can also give happiness and progeny, why is this not happening bhima bhoi life story & review

Regarding all these things, he writes an Odia poem (Zovank Aarat Dukh Apar Meet Dekhu Dekhu Keeba Sahu Mo Jiban Pache Narke Padi Thau Jagat Ugad Hayu) it means God gives so much sorrow, pain to people, how do you keep silent If you want to give pain, sorrow, then give me the cost of this whole earth, but give this world peace and happiness, these are the poems of bhima bhoi.

He has written many such poems, which are taught in schools, colleges in today’s rate and that is why they are also called sant kabi bhima bhoi, if you are Odia, then bhima bhoi books are available in pdf file in the internet which can be studied for free. By doing this you can increase your knowledge.

Let me tell you that except bhima bhoi books pdf file, read bhima bhoi books from shop or amazon, here are all the Sikhs of the world who cannot find this Sikh in any other place.

mahima swami

Everyone has a guru, in the same way bhima bhoi also had a guru, mahima swami sant bhima bhoi of hunam was against the rituals of hinduism, they used to say that it is only a religion where the high, low, middle class, discrimination and worship.

Others are sacrificed in the name, due to which the world is becoming more violent.

It is most difficult, sant bhima bhoi goes to his guru and says about his problem, his guru Mahima Swami asks to spread Mahima Dharma, since then he started preaching right religion and right path in the form of a saint.

He started preaching Mahima Dharma by roaming around the villages, where many people turn against him and many people give along with him.

Later, to propagate Mahima Dharma in a more correct way, he camps in Jurunda Gadi of Odisha and builds a wonderful temple there, whose many mysteries are still unsolved, which will be read in bhima bhoi history.

mahima dharma

Let me tell that according to bhima bhoi history, mahima dharma is such a religion where there should not be any kind of selfishness.

According to the legend, according to Mahima Dharma, God does not have any form and neither has any shape, that is, God is formless, which is present in every place of the universe. Human beings insult God in some form or the other.

Even today in the state of Odisha, people of many glory religions will be seen, who leave the world’s fascination and adopt that religion and live their lives by becoming a saint in saintliness and happiness.

One who adopts this religion has to get up at 4 in the morning and do bhima bhoi bhajan without washing and can not wrap any other color except orange color in the body.

bhima bhoi books name

If you also want to know the name of bhima bhoi books then it is a good thing that he had written many other books like right and wrong about religion and about this Kaliyuga, then first of all you must read bhima bhoi granthabali stuti chintamani to worship him. Must buy, by reading which your mind will be completely calm and free from attachment.

You will be amazed to read what is written in bhima bhoi granthabali regarding this Kaliyuga. Let me tell you that only in 1870, he came to know how the child lives in the mother’s stomach, which in 1986, with the help of technology, many sincetists in America were stunned by knowing the same thing, due to which many people took care of bhima bhoi. Surveillance operation was done.

Such a day will also come in Kali Yuga where everyone of his father will refuse to touch even his own beta and this corona virus has really happened in 2020.

He has also written that the flag of the entire Jagannath temple will catch fire and this scene was also seen in 2020, when the lockdown was going on, no one could come out, then the flag of the Jagannath temple caught fire.

You can also see this sight in YouTube, let me tell you that the height of Jagannath temple is 65 meters, but how can there be a fire, that too at the time of complete luck, it is a surprising thing.

One more thing has been mentioned in bhima bhoi books that a sword of 12 feet is growing like a tree in the earth, when they become 12, then it will destroy Kaliyuga and it is a depressing thing, all these things in bhima bhoi quotes in oriya You can also read : Swami Vivekananda Essay

bhima bhoi samadhi pitha

When bhima bhoi gave his body sacrifice, his body was given samadhi by his devotees in a village called Khaliapali in Subarnapur district of Odisha state which is known as bhima bhoi samadhi pitha.

Let me tell you that a temple has been constructed above his tomb and that temple miraculously floats 2 inches above the ground, which can be searched on the internet in the name of sunya mandir.

bhima bhoi books pdf odia

If you are from Odisha then it is a good thing that you can study in bhima bhoi books pdf odia on internet only and you can make your mind calm and sharp.

Everyone in the world should read his book so that he can be aware of whatever danger is coming in the future. Let me tell you that read bhima bhoi books pdf odia only once, it will change you.

bhima bhoi quotes in oriya

If you do not have time to read a book, then it does not matter if you search by writing bhima bhoi quotes in oriya or say in google, then small poems will come, which you can read and get the answer of all the questions and your life Sally and good now You can change the way Somebody has said that if you read the bibel, then always a good idea will come in your mind,

If you read Mahabharata, you will be able to recognize the good and bad in life, if you read Ramayana, then how to keep your loved ones together with father, mother and family, you will get a Sikh, if you read the Qur’an, life will change your mind and if you read bhima bhoi granthabali, then something wrong happens.

Before he is about to be done, he will get to know so bhima bhoi jibani has been read to you, now definitely read his book.

As much as I write about those great men, let me tell you that here almost everything has been given about bhima bhoi life story which is not anywhere else in the whole internet. I hope that after reading this your simple thoughts would have turned into priceless thoughts. To get new and old information like this, definitely follow us and read the book of bhima bhoi once.

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