Call Details: Call History Of Any Mobile Number in 2022

How To Get Call Details Of Any Number?. Know the easiest way in 2022 – If you want to know the Call Details meaning of any number, its history, then stay in this post.

Also use Mubble app is an app that helps you to discover your surroundings and connect wherever you are with the people and places around you.

Hello, in this post we will learn something new and know that the call details of any number, so let’s friends know the call details, in which you know the call details of Airtel, Jio, Vodafone and Idea numbers, how you can easily know sitting at home.

How To Get Call Details Of Any Number? – Call History 2022

call details
call details

Friends, many times the history of phone calls gets deleted from us due to our mistake or some important number gets deleted, and when it is needed, we have to think again.

Telecom companies have to make requests to extract the details of phone calls, and they have to speak, then it hardly takes some hand, but even this is not so easy.

But now if you want, you can remove the call details of any number whenever you want, with the trick I am going to talk about today, you can do this work comfortably.

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Why is it important to get call details?

It depends on our needs, sometimes we need to extract the details of our own number where the reasons can be many. Many times we talk on the phone and forget to save that important number in the phone.

Or it may be that someone’s number has to be given to someone but it is not in your call history, then this comes in handy. Whereas when we reset our phone, then the entire call history gets deleted, so with the help of this you can check the records of the last 3 months of calls from the records of those numbers.

How To Get call details of any number?

Friends, earlier this app was present on Google Playstore but now this app has been removed from here, now you will have to resort to third party website to download this app.

Which you can download now by clicking here. And you can install this app in your phone, however if you want updated version of this app then you have to keep checking by visiting this website.

After which you will be able to carry out this work and also you will need an email-id so that you can be registered to login with this app.

Note: You have to keep in mind that you have to log in from the phone whose details you want.

With the help of Mubble App you can remove Call Details –

Yes, friends, the name of this app is Mubble, you might know about it, its rating on playstore is very good and its downloads are also very high. They are also trusted, with the help of this app you can get the call details from 7 days to 30 days, and not only this, it also gives you a more easy way.

If you want, you can also download the PDF file of the call details, this PDF sends you to your registered email address, which you enter while creating the account.

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This app is absolutely free, so there will be no problem in using or downloading it, you just have to download it and install it on your phone.

After installing this app, when you open it, it will ask you for permissions according to your uses, which you allow.

How to get Call Detail of any number from Mubble App?

Friends, as you had just told above that to know the call details, you have to give some permissions to it and when you install this app in your phone, then you have to first create your account on it.

To use it, you have to enter the same number whose call details you want to get out, some permission has to be given regarding privacy so that this app starts working.

In the report that it sends to the email id entered by you, complete details like date, time, number and call duration are given, in which you can remove the details up to 7-30 days.

With the help of Mubble App, you can keep an eye on your data –

This app is very useful, and with its help you can not only check call details but also your balance and data, this app also gives reminders as soon as your all the data is over, as well as usage is also visible, that’s all. Answer is No, you can also some recharge any number through this.

Call details of companies like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Jio can be removed –
Friends, Mubble App is also called Recharge Plans & Prepaid Bill, this is because you get all these options in it.

Now if we talk about its size, then it is of 4.49MB, and this app can run on all operating systems of version 4.2.

For example – Airtel, Jio, Vodafone, and Idea you can find out the call details of all these.

How to get Vodafone call details?

Vodafone has also terminated the CDR (Call Detail Record) service for a few months now. Earlier you used to enter the calling number on Vodafone’s website and erase the call history, but now this process does not work.

And after signing in to Vodafone app, you can get call details for only 5 days. But I will tell you one best method by which you will be able to reach customer care and delete call details.

  1. You need to compose a message from your Vodafone number
  2. BILL <space> Month & contact number is 144 and then click on send button.
  3. First 3 letters are to be written in the month, like (Jan, Mar, Jun)
  4. EX: Bill FEB
  5. Rupee. 50 will be deducted from your number.

They will ask you some questions and you will have to answer the questions.

After sending the message, a PDF of the statement will be mailed to your email ID which will be password protected and you will receive its password via a text message.

How to get Jio call details?

If you are a user of Reliance Jio, then you can remove the call details with the help of its official app, for this you have to download MyJio App from Google Playstore.

However, if you are a Jio user, then the My Jio app will definitely be installed on your phone. So with the help of this you know the get Jio call details.

  1. First of all open MyJio App.
  2. Here you have to click on ‘Three Lines’ visible in the top left side.
  3. After clicking on it, you will see the option of ‘My Statement’ at the bottom here.
  4. Now click on it and now you can see the details of the number from here.

How to get call details statement?

As you are browsing for your statement, you will get the page on the screen. If you want to remove the statement for 30 days at a time, you can easily delete it with a single click.

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And if you want to delete the statement up to 180 days, then you have to delete the statement every 30 days. You have to go through the same process 6 times.

After setting the above date, you will get three options on the screen for the below details: first view statement, second email statement and third download statement.

Selecting any one of this statement means click on submit below as per your requirement, you will be able to remove call statement in My Jio app.

And if you select the email statement and hit the submit button, a small notification will unlock in front of you asking you to enter your email address.

In the box you have to write the email on which you want the statement of call details and click on submit button, and then the PDF file of the statement will be sent to your email id. Then you can download the PDF file extension of Call Detail Statement and view the complete statement.

What are call details?

call details are basically a record of when mobile calls are made as well as who they were with. Depending on your business, you may details information like:

  • Inbound call origin
  • Outgoing call destination
  • Call time
  • Call duration
  • Network used
  • Transmission details

How to get Airtel Sim call details?

So now we are going to know How to get Airtel Sim call details? So if you also use airtel sim card?

You are also an airtel user and want to check the call detail history related to your airtel number, where did you call in the last month or in the year? Whom did you talk to and from which number you got the call, etc., you can check the information?

How to View Call Detail of Airtel Sim?

If you use airtel sim and want to remove call details of airtel sim, then there are many different ways by which you can remove call detail history.

What is required to check call details history of airtel number?

If you need to have the following things to remove call details history of airtel number, then only you can remove call details history of airtel number…

  • An Airtel SIM card (must have a minimum balance of ₹ 50)
    mobile phone.
  • You should have the SIM card and the information related to the number of which you want to get the SIM information.

Check Airtel Sim Call History Detail Using USSD Code

You can also check call details history of airtel sim with the help of USSD code in your mobile. But with the help of USSD code, you can check only last 5 call details history. So let’s find out…

First of all open the dial pad in your mobile and dial “*121#” from your airtel number. After dialing the number, you will see a carrier message from Airtel.

In which you will see different options. From these options, first of all you have to go to the “My Account Info” option.

Later, in the first Flash Notification, you send by writing “5” and in the second time (for Deductions) send by writing “2”. Then later you will see a new notification.

In which you have to go to “Balance Deduction Summary” option. After following all the above mentioned steps correctly, you will see the messages and Call Deduction History for some time on your screen.

Note: Friends, in this way you cannot remove the call detail history of Airtel number with unlimited plan. You can remove the call detail history of all other plans.

send message from mobile to 121 and remove airtel call detail history

In this, apart from your smartphone mobile, you can also remove the call detail history of Airtel SIM from the keypad mobile. In which first of all you have to open the message app on your mobile.

Afterwards you have to SMS by setting EPREBILL JANUARY and your Gmail ID format. Send this sms to you on “121”.

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This message is mentioned in the details below: EPREBILL <space> Full name of the month (Write the name of the month for which you want to know the record) <space> Your email ID (the email address you want to call the record from here) write on)

For example, if I want to get the call details of airtel sim card for the month of January then: EPREBILL JANUARY [email protected] send this message to “121”.

Now after some time you will get a message from “121”. In which there will be information related to extracting call details of your airtel sim such as…

  • Name of the month for which you want to extract call details
  • Your email information
  • call detail file password
  • Now a PDF file will be sent to your call details on the email address you provided. Download this PDF file.

After downloading the file, when you open it, you will be asked for a password. As mentioned above, this password will be sent to you on SMS on your mobile number.

After entering the password, your PDF file will open and in this you will be able to know all the information about the call details related to your Airtel SIM.

Conclusion – call details online

Keep in mind that the number of friends will be verified from your MyJio App, you will be able to check the details of only those numbers. Just like you can extract details for Vodafone, Airtel numbers using Mubble App and their own app, you can also remove Jio numbers.

I hope you have liked this information and you must have understood that call details. So that’s all for now. If you like this information, then do share it with your friends and give your opinion by commenting. Thank you..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – call details of any number

How to get call details of others?

You can use the Mubble App to retrieve the call details of any other number, or you can use the app provided by your telecom company to retrieve the call details.

Which app to use to get call details?

You can use the Mubble App or the app provided by your telecom company to get the call details.

How to get call details from My Vodafone app?

For this, you have to download Vi App from Google Playstore and then you have to sign in with your number, after which you can get call details up to 5 days with the help of this app.

how to see deleted call in jio phone?

For this, you have to download the My Jio App in your phone and then sign-in with your number, after which you can remove the call details from here by going to the option of “My Statement” in the section of the app.

How to get call details of airtel sim?

You can use one Mubble App and the other “Airtel Thanks App” to get call details of Airtel.

For how many days call details can be out?

You can withdraw call details from 5 days to 1 month, it depends on your telecom provider or the app from which you are calling call details.