CET Full Form – What Is The Meaning Of CET?

Know everything about CET, CET Full Form is Common Entrance Test. Check CET 2021 dates, application form correction, admit card, eligibility, syllabus, pattern, sample papers or many more.

Do you know about CET? if not! So in this post you will know what is CET Kya Hai and CET Full Form in English?

Many of you must have been preparing for government jobs and you must have given many papers. In which you have to go from one city to another and give paper.

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You have to prepare for each paper separately and again and again you have to keep your mind ready for each paper.

So the Government of India has brought CET only to remove the burden of these few things from the students.

Which is a very good thing for all the job preparers. So let us now know the Full Form of CET.

CET Full Form

Here you should know that the full form of CET is “Common Eligibility Test” in English and “Common Eligibility Test” in full form of CET. In which only one preliminary examination will be conducted for almost all central government jobs.

This will make it easier for the students to prepare and they will not have to work hard throughout the year for every exam, only for the preliminary exam. With this step, the government has done a lot of work to reduce the burden on the children.

Here you should know that it will be implemented in some exams like Central Government Jobs i.e. Railways, SSC, IBPS.

Let us now know more about CET, what is it and when, on whom will this exam be applicable.

what is CET?

The Government of India will not have to give separate preliminary examination to appear in the main examination of SSC, Railway Board and IBPS jobs and instead there will be only one preliminary examination for all the jobs which you call CET or Common Eligibility Test.

Earlier, students used to fill different forms for these three examinations, then for every job of every board, preliminary examination had to be given, due to which there was a lot of pressure on the students.

But now for these three boards, you will have to give only one preliminary exam and fill only one application form.

The responsibility of conducting this exam will be with NRA (National Recruitment Agency).

At present, there are more than 20 agencies to conduct these examinations.

Where students apply separately every time and give different Pre exam at different places.

But now from 2021, the responsibility of conducting all the examinations of these three will be with the NRA.

Key Points of CET

As you have already known that the preliminary examination of three government job boards will be in the form of CET.

So here you should know some of its points that what will be the benefits you will get after giving this exam.

  • There will be two CET exams every year from 2021, in which there will be no restriction on the student, he can increase his marks further by giving the exam as many times as possible.
  • The validity of the marks obtained in the CET exam will be of 3 years. That is, the score you got, you can use that score for government jobs for 3 years.
  • In this the youth will have to choose how he will give the exam.
  • If he wants, he can give the main examinations of Railways in the first year, SSC in the second year and Banking in the third year.
  • In future, the government will bring most of the government jobs under its ambit.
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Format of CET Exam

Just like you give any government exam now, in the same way it will be tested.

Its examination will also be in objective form, there will be no written examination in it.

Earlier, questions were asked in only two languages in these exams, but in CET, the question paper will be available in 12 languages, which will make it easier for the students of every state of India to give the paper.

In future, work will be done to conduct these examinations in 22 languages.

Benefit from Common Eligibility Test (CET)

  1. With this exam, the student will not have to prepare for every exam, they will have to prepare for the preliminary exam only once.
  2. Students will not have to go to paper again and again, which will save their time and money. Which they can use in their studies.
  3. You will also get rid of the stress of different exams.
  4. There will be a reduction in the expenditure of the government.
  5. There is no need to wait for the results of the preliminary examination to appear in the main examination.
  6. The exam will be conducted in 12 languages.

CET Exam Course

Its exam will be in three parts. In which the student who will give its examination after 10th, then his question paper will be easier than those of 12th and graduation.

If the student gives 12th pass, then his question paper will be different from the other two and the examination of the graduates will also be different from those of 12th and 10th.

It is not yet known from which subject questions will be asked in the rest. Whenever I get information about it, I will add it.

More Full Form OF CET

CET Full Form In Time Zones
– Central European Time

CET Ka Full Form
-common eligibility test

CET Full Form In Universities & Institutions
– College of Engineering, Trivandrum

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Common Eligibility Test (CET) FAQ

What is the CET?

This is the preliminary examination of jobs conducted by the Central Government, which is called Common Eligibility Test.

Which departments will get jobs from CET?

At present, CET exam will be conducted for only three departments. In which there will be jobs of Railway, IBPS, SSC department.

It should also be kept in mind that only the preliminary examination will be done, for the rest of their jobs, you will have to pass the main examination and interview separately, then only you will get a job in any department.

What is the benefit of Common Eligibility Test?

This will save the candidate money, time and energy.

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Students will get rid of filling different forms for different exams. This will also happen at the expense of the government.

Who can give CET exam?

Its examination can be given by the students of 10th, 12th and graduation. In which separate examination will be organized for the students of each category. If a student is of 10th, then his question paper will be easier than 12th and graduation.

Where will the CET exam be held?

There will be 1000 centers for its examination, which will be in every city of India, so that students hardly have to go to any other district.

  • What is the full form of CET in Entrance Exam?
  • Expand full name of CET.
  • What does CET stand for?
  • Is it acronym or abbreviation?

Other CET Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Common Entrance Test Entrance Exam CET
Central European Time Time CET
Computer Engineering Technology Educational Degree CET
Count Enable Trickle Electronics CET
Cern Expenditure Tracking Accounts and Finance CET
Certified Electronics Technician Job Title CET
Certified Environmental Trainer Job Title CET
Certifiable Entertaining Troll Job Title CET
Certified Engineering Technologist Job Title CET
Civil Engineering Technician Job Title CET
Certified Elevator Technician Job Title CET
Cholet Airport Code CET
Certified Elevator Techican Certifications CET
Cycle Electrical Test Computer Hardware CET
Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Technology CET
Clark Equality Theory Maths CET
College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar Educational Institute CET
College English Test Educational Institute CET
College of Emerging Technologies Educational Institute CET
Constant Elasticity of Transformation Physics Related CET
Canyon Extreme Track Sports CET
Combat Engineer Tractor Military and Defence CET

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CET – means

Full Form Of CET, What Does CET Stand For?

  1. Center for Educational Technologies
  2. Center for Educational Technology
  3. Center of Excellence Training
  4. Central Europe Technologies
  5. Central European Television
  6. Central European Time
  7. Central European Time
  8. Central European Tucnak
  9. Cern Expenditure Tracking
  10. Certifiable Entertaining Troll
  11. Certified Electronics Technician
  12. Certified Elevator Technician
  13. Certified Engineering Technologist
  14. Certified Environmental Trainer
  15. Civil Engineering Technician
  16. Clark Equality Theory
  17. Coefficient of Equivalent Thickness
  18. College English Test
  19. College of Engineering, Trivandrum
  20. Combat Engineer Tractor
  21. Common Entrance Test
  22. Common External Tariff
  23. Communication Efficiency Test
  24. Computer Electronic Technologies
  25. Computer Engineering Technology
  26. Constant Elasticity of Transformation
  27. Consultation Education and Training
  28. Continuing Education and Training
  29. Contraband Enforcement Team
  30. Corporate Education and Training
  31. Council for Educational Technology
  32. Count Enable Trickle
  33. Cumberland Emerging Technologies
  34. Cycle Electrical Test


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