What You Gain from the Cisco Certification?

Cisco is known to be an IT giant. It offers certifications for specialists with different skill levels, starting from newbies to professionals and experts. Its designations cover a wide range of fields within IT such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, automation, and much more. Moreover, these are among the most valuable certificates an IT professional can earn thanks to the improved training program and advanced grading system. Therefore, this is what you will gain as a Cisco-certified specialist.

Cisco Certification

What You Gain from the Cisco Certification
What You Gain from the Cisco Certification

Knowledge and Skills

The methodical study flow in these certification journeys helps you understand all the concepts inside and out and properly instill knowledge. The skillset provided will also be deeply ingrained in you as every accreditation is related to a disciplined study path and repeated practice. These two factors combined will make you fit to tackle any challenge that may come your way in your career.

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Validation and Credibility

Cisco certificates are well-known and highly valued worldwide. With this validation comes credibility, you will be recognized as a knowledgeable professional among your peers or competitors in your organization and the industry.


As you are recognized as a Certbolt Cisco-certified professional, employers will be more likely to assign you to more important projects with bigger responsibilities, allowing you to develop further experience and advance your career even faster.


You have to work hard and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become Cisco-qualified to enjoy the rewards that the certification brings. By overcoming this path, you will become a better IT professional, boosting your confidence and self-reliability.


The depth and multi-faceted nature of Cisco certifications allow you to explore and master multiple technology arenas. This will help you to enhance and reinforce your current knowledge, and even kindle interest in new fields that you have not ventured into.


All these aforementioned benefits such as enhanced knowledge and skills, credibility, versatility, and the ability to take on larger responsibilities translate to you becoming an even more valued specialist in the IT industry. https://www.examsnap.com/

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Opportunities and Advancement

Certified professionals are more likely to break away from their job silos as a result of the wealth of new knowledge gained through the accreditation exam preparation. This will allow them to make considerable career changes that are both lucrative and befitting.


According to the PayScale website, the average salary of a Cisco Certified Network Associate is $80k per year, and the average annual salary of a Cisco Certified Network Professional is $96k. Meanwhile, the annual salary of a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert can reach $128k. As you can see, with more experience and career progression, financial prospects will go even higher.

Lifelong Learning

New technologies and innovations are coming up in the world by the second. Constantly updating your knowledge and staying on top of these advancements is an essential part of being a sought-after IT specialist. Moreover, with Cisco’s recertification and the Continuing Education Program, you will always be up to date on your field.

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As a result, with the Cisco certification track, you will obtain a vast domain of knowledge and gain numerous benefits as detailed above. Also, thanks to the consistent developments and innovations in technology, your value as a Cisco-certified professional will continuously grow. The main thing is to stay strong in the pursuit of your goals!