complete guitar chord chart Example

Today, We want to share with you guitar chord chart.In this post we will show you guitar chords for beginners, hear for printable guitar chord chart we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about how to create bar chart in php and mysql? with an example.

SVG Based Guitar Chord Chart Generator

VexChords is a Chord Chart generator which helps you dynamically render guitar chords using JavaScript and SVG element.

How to use it:

Install & download.

$ npm install vexchords --save

Import the VexChords.

import * as vexchords from 'vexchords';

Create a mainadminpanel in which you want to render the guitar chords.

<div class="mainadminpanel"></div>
const selector = '#mainadminpanel';

Draw a Chord Chart from an array of chords.

const chord = new ChordBox(selector);


  chord: [
    [1, 2],
    [2, 1],
    [3, 2],
    [4, 0], 
    [5, 'x'], 
    [6, 'x']

  // optional: position marker
  position: 5, // beggining render at fret 5

  // optional: barres for barre chords
  barres: [
    { fromString: 6, toString: 1, fret: 1 },
    { fromString: 5, toString: 3, fret: 3 }

  // optional: tuning keys
  tuning: ['E', 'A', 'D', 'G', 'B', 'E']


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Full options to customize the Chord Chart.

const chord = new ChordBox('#selector', {

  width: 100, // canvas width
  height: 120, // canvas height

  numStrings: 6, // number of strings (e.g., 4 for bass)
  numFrets: 5, // number of frets (e.g., 7 for stretch chords)
  showTuning: true, // show tuning keys

  defaultColor: '#3d3d3d', // Make color
  bgColor: '#FFF', // background color
  strokeColor: '#3d3d3d', // stroke color (overrides defaultColor)
  textColor: '#3d3d3d', // text color (overrides defaultColor)
  stringColor: '#3d3d3d', // string color (overrides defaultColor)
  fretColor: '#3d3d3d', // fret color (overrides defaultColor)
  labelColor: '#3d3d3d', // label color (overrides defaultColor)

  fretWidth: 1, // fret width
  stringWidth: 1, // string width

  fontStyle, // font settings
  labelWeight // weight of label font

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