Difference Between CSV and XLS file Formats

Difference Between CSV and XLS file Formats

Today, We want to share with you Difference Between CSV and XLS file Formats.
In this post we will show you Difference Between CSV and XLS file Formats, hear for Difference Between CSV and XLS file Formats we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Difference Between CSV and XLS file Formats with an example.

CSV : It’s means Comma Separated Values.and it is a simple plain text (ansi) format.

These files hold simple plain text as all series of values mostly (cells) separated by commas (,) values in a series of lines (rows).

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XLS : It’s is the main binary file format for all eXceL data value to SpreadsheetS

It is an MS Excel format workbook binary file generated, which holds information all about all the worksheets data in a workbook,and then comprising both data content and formatting data.

Differences between CSV and XLS (Excel) file formats

There are following difference between csv and eXceL format details.

csv vs xls file
Excel CSV
It is a simple binary file that holds all the information about all the worksheets store in a workbook The CSV stands for CSV-Comma Separated Values means. It is a simple plain text format with a series all of values separated by commas.
An Excel format not only stores data value but can any also do any operations on the data value The CSV file format is just check a text file or not, it stores data values but does not any contain formatting, and formulas, support macros, etc. and thenIt is also known as flat files.
An Excel file format is a spreadsheet sheet that saves files all data value into its own proprietary itself format viz xls format or xlsx format A CSV files is a format for any saving data tabular information data into a delimited simple text file with extension is .csv
Excel Files saved in excel cannot be any opened or edited by text editors. CSV files can be opened all or all any edited by text editors like notepad++,subline,etc.
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