echo and print difference in php

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echo and print difference in php

PHP echo and print both are PHP Simple Statement.
Simple Both are used to echo and print difference in php display the output in PHP on HTML Page.In my Difference Between Echo and Print Statements in PHP

The echo and print statement are more or less the same means equal. They are both used to same output data to the your HTML Browser screen. The differences are small very small difference: echo statement has no return value so while print statement has a return value of 1 so it can be used in expressions.

Difference Between Echo and Print Statements – All Difference

Echo Print
Echo can accept multiple level expressions.

Echo is faster than print statement as it does not return data any value.

Echo is a statement used to display the simple output and can be used same with the parentheses(param value) echo statement or without the parentheses echo statement.

Echo can pass multiple(arguments) string separated as (, separated).

Echo doesnt (any data)return any value.

Print statement cannot accept multiple level expressions.

Print is slower than echo statement as it returns data a value.

Print is also a statement which is used same level to display or see the output and used with the parentheses print() or without the parentheses(special char.) print statement.

Print statement cannot pass multiple(param arguments) arguments.

Print statement always returns(only boolean) the value 1.

The PHP echo Statement : Example

echo "<h2>PHP is Fun!</h2>";
echo "Hello world!<br>";
echo "I'm about to learn PHP!<br>";
echo "This ", "string ", "was ", "made ", "with multiple parameters.";

The PHP print Statement

print "<h2>PHP is Fun!</h2>";
print "Hello world!<br>";
print "I'm about to learn PHP!";

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