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features of javascript like Light Weight Scripting language, Dynamic Typing, Functional Style, Async Processing, Interpreted Language, Prototype-based, Platform Independent and Object-oriented programming support.

Features of JavaScript – What is JavaScript? its advantages and disadvantages

List of the Javascript Features.

  1. An important part of js is the ability to make a new functions within scripts. simply Declare a function in js using function keyword.
  2. Every statement in javascript must be terminated with semicolon (;).
  3. Giving the user more control over the browser.
  4. It Detecting the user’s browser & OS,
  5. It Handling dates & time.
  6. It is a object-based scripting language.
  7. It is a scripting language as well as it is not java.
  8. It is case sensitive.
  9. It is interpreter based scripting language.
  10. It is light weighted.
  11. It is object based – OOP language as it supports predefined objects.

What is JavaScript? its advantages and disadvantages

What do you understand by JavaScript? Do you know what is JavaScript? For your information, let us tell you that this is a programming language and in this article you will read the information about JavaScript Programming Language.

Since today this programming language has become very popular. So if you want to make a career in computer. Or want to become a web designer or web developer.

Then you should learn HTML and CSS as well as JavaScript Programming Language. But before writing any language it is important to know about it.

Therefore, before starting to learn JavaScript, you should know about JavaScript. Like what is JavaScript, why JavaScript is being used, what can we do with JavaScript, what are the advantages and disadvantages of JavaScript.

If this programming language was beneficial for you. Then you can start learning it. So if you do not know what is JavaScript Programming Language and where and why it is used.

Then you just need to read this one article till the end. Here in this article you will find answers to all these questions of JavaScript Programming Language. So let’s first know what is JavaScript?

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a popular computer programming language. Which is used as a scripting language. Script, small is called a program. It is easy to learn and use. JavaScript is mainly used as a Client Side Scripting Language. That is, used in the webpage. Which is executed in the user’s web browser. But with this it is also Server Side Language.

JavaScript is also an Object Oriented/Interprinted Language. Also If you want to become a best full stack web developer or web designer. Then you should learn step by step it along with HTML and CSS. Because it is used to make the webpage attractive with HTML. An animation or dynamic webpage is created from this.

It is a powerful and light-weighted scripting language. Which was created by Brendan Eich in 1995. Then it was named Livescript. But after the popularity of Java Programming Language, it has been made Javascript.

Many people are confused in Java and Javascript.

Just like the extension of HTML file is .html. Similarly, the extension of JavaScript is .js.

Features of JavaScript

JavaScript has become a popular or widely used programming language. One of the important reasons why JavaScript Programming Language is so popular is its features. Do you know the feature of JavaScript. If not, then let’s also know the features of JavaScript.

  1. JavaScript comes under High Level Programming Language. Because of which it is easy to learn and understand.
  2. JavaScript is a scripting language based on Programming Language Object.
  3. JavaScript is a Light-Weighted and Powerful Programming Language.
  4. The real name of JavaScript is ECMAScript.
  5. The syntax of JavaScript is influenced by the syntax of the C programming language.
  6. JavaScript allows web designers and developers to use programming language on a webpage.
  7. A special feature of JavaScript is that it can trigger any element, widget, text or image of a webpage. Which is called Dynamic.

Use of JavaScript

JavaScript is a popular programming language. It has many uses. Its special use is to create web applications and make webpages attractive. Here we will learn some of the main uses of JavaScript.

  1. JavaScript is used to create beautiful and attractive webpages with features like Dynamic and Animation.
  2. JavaScript is used to create web applications.
  3. JavaScript is used to create Popups in a webpage.
  4. JavaScript is used to create dynamic menu or dynamic drop down menu in a webpage.
  5. Image Slider is used to make the website attractive.
  6. For different types of effects like Animation Effect in the website.
  7. To create Cookies or Suggestion in the website.
  8. Using this, you can make the text or image in the webpage dynamic.

Advantage of JavaScript

  1. JavaScript is very fast because of the Client Side Programming Language.
  2. It works on any operating system and popular web browsers.
  3. It is easy to learn.
  4. It is a popular programming language. And its updates keep coming from time to time.
  5. It can be used with other programming languages.

Disadvantage of JavaScript

Vulnerability is easy to find because of Client Side Programming Language. Therefore it poses a security risk.
It works in different ways on different web browsers.

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