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भगवान शिव-पार्वती का विवाह था, पहला लव मैरेज

First love marriage in the world : Nowadays, a challenge is becoming very viral on the internet. This challenge is the Couple Challenge, in which couples put photos with each other on social media, or tell about their love story. This couple challenge is becoming even more viral due to the celebs. Because they are taking part in this challenge. First love marriage in the world shiv parvati

This challenge is also being seen as a couple goal. Someone’s couple is Gol Virat- Anushka’s pair, Romi Bhatia while some couple’s Gol is Deepika-Ranvir’s pair. Even though the love stores of these celebs are very famous and special in many Mayenas. But his love story (first love marriage in the world) cannot be called the best. Because there is such a pair, which is the couple’s goal, even of the celebs themselves, and that is, the pair of Lord Shiva and Parvati ji (first love marriage in the world).

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It’s challenging to pinpoint the exact “first” love marriage in the world due to the vast history of human relationships and marriages across different cultures and societies. Love marriages, where individuals choose their partners based on romantic affection rather than familial arrangement or societal expectation, have likely occurred throughout history in various forms and contexts.

One notable historical example often cited as an early instance of a love marriage is the story of Cleopatra VII, the Queen of Egypt, and Mark Antony, a Roman politician and general. Cleopatra and Mark Antony were known to have a romantic relationship and eventually married, although their union was also driven by political alliances and ambitions.

Another historical example is the marriage between Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor of India, and Mumtaz Mahal. Their relationship was characterized by deep love and devotion, and Shah Jahan famously built the Taj Mahal as a mausoleum for Mumtaz Mahal after her death.

However, it’s important to recognize that the concept of “love marriage” as understood in modern times has evolved over centuries, and historical accounts may not always align with contemporary definitions. Marriage practices have varied greatly across different cultures and time periods, with some societies valuing arranged marriages, while others have embraced love matches.

Ultimately, love marriages have likely existed for as long as humans have experienced romantic love and formed relationships based on mutual affection and attraction.

The first love marriage in the world

Shiva marriage was not an ordinary marriage. Shiva marriage was the culmination of love, dedication and tenacity. The world’s biggest love story fails in front of this story.

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first love marriage in the world

As much of the theatricality and ups and downs in this love story, it will also not be in the world’s most hit romantic film. Today we are going to tell you about the love story of Lord Shiva and Parvati ji.

First love marriage in the world

Shiv and Parvati

This story is not of one birth. Parvati was Shiva’s wife even in her previous birth, then her name was Sati and she was the daughter of Prajapati Daksha. Satya, the majestic king, deliberately insulted his son-in-law Shiva, causing Sati to jump into Havanakund after being hurt. In the disconnection of Sati, Shiva filled the sense of disobedience and he became engrossed in penance.

first love marriage in the world in hindi

On the other hand, to regain Shiva, Sati became a Parvati and took birth in the Himalayas. When the gods sent Shiva to Kamadeva to distract them, Shiva consumed them. But this is not the end of the love story.

God I Wish That Were Me

After Sati’s departure, Lord Shiva took away the head of Prajapati Daksha from Dhar with a Rudra avatar. Later Shiva became absorbed in penance.

world first love marriage in india

On the other hand, to regain Shiva, Sati became a Parvati and took birth in the Himalayas. When the gods sent Shiva to Kamadeva to distract them, Shiva consumed them. But Parvati continued to meditate to obtain Shiva. Ultimately, Baba Bholenath had to melt and he rode Nandi and brought a procession on his naked body with great gaiety.

According to Shiv Purana, it was a part of this procession in the procession of Shiv ji, along with the Gods and Goddesses, from ghosts to animals and birds and insects. This love story of Shiva Parvati (first love marriage in the world) is called Mahashivratri, the day of love, this meeting of love is called Mahashivratri, which we celebrate every year as Mahaparva.

the most loving marriage in history

After marrying Shiva, Parvati (first love marriage in the world) went on Kailash with him and thus a happy ending of a love story going on for two births. If you also want to get your desired groom like Maa Parvati (Gauri), then with the help of this Siddha Mantra, you can fulfill your wish with Love marriage.

Love marriage quotes

“A good marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” – Ruth Bell Graham

“Marriage lets you annoy one special person for the rest of your life.”

“Marriage is not about age; it’s about finding the right person.” – Sophia Bush

“May this marriage be full of laughter, our every day in paradise.” – Rumi

“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” – Andre Maurois

“A good marriage is a contest of generosity.” – Diane Sawyer

Love vs Arrange Marriage

Which is better in Love vs Arrange Marriage?

Friends ! In today’s time, the meaning of everything has changed. Today there is a big difference between the modern marriage system and the ancient marriage system. also you can read above First love marriage in the world.

Love vs Arrange Marriage : There was a time when a man and woman knew each other before marriage was a distant thing.

They could not even see each other’s face before marriage. At that time the marriage was done only with the permission and understanding of the elders and parents of the house. Men and women knew and loved each other only after marriage.

Today’s children marry whomever they want, whom they love. Whereas in earlier times, he used to love the one he was married to. But what do you think? Which marriage system is best?

Which marriage is best?

Friends ! In today’s time man has become so materialistic that he loves external brilliance and physical beauty more than his spiritual love. And most of the children understand this physical attraction as love.

They are more attached to the body than the soul. Today’s educated class has started giving more importance to love-marriage. Emphasis is being laid on recognizing love marriage through films, TV serials and many stories.

Today’s class wants that before marriage, the boy and the girl should understand each other well and they should have mutual courtship.

Only when they get to know each other well and understand them completely, then they should get married. And this is the reason that in today’s society there has been a belief that only when a boy and a girl fall in love, then they should get married.

It doesn’t matter whether that love is true or full of lust or just momentary. And for this reason this bond of marriage does not last long.

Is it okay to take such a big decision in life by being impressed by momentary physical beauty or some other momentary quality? It is like a wall whose foundation is laid on sand. If such a situation arises, then you yourself should decide which marriage should be considered better in such a situation? Arrange marriage or love marriage?

Which is better: an arranged marriage or a love marriage?

Friends ! You can understand why today marriage does not last a lifetime. Answer one thing that when boys and girls understand each other well before marriage and they marry each other claiming to be in love with each other, then what is their love at that time? When they don’t even like to see each other’s face. And decide to part ways forever.

This is not love marriage guys! This is physical love, which molds as the body dies. This is the reason that in the proportion in which love marriages are increasing, in the same proportion the incidents of divorce are also coming to the fore. Is this love?

Friends ! Our aim is not to mispronounce love marriage. Love is a very high thing, but dear friends! One must understand the true dimensions of love. Do today’s youth even know the definition of love?

Maybe it’s a little bad? But friends! We want that no one should waste their precious life under the false guise of love? Let us tell you that today people have become so blind in foreign civilization that they have no sense of right or wrong.

They follow western culture. At the same time, they also adopt modern ethics, but are completely unaware of the storms that arise in married life.

Is love marriage right or wrong? Which marriage is more successful?

Today marriage has become a game of gudde-guddi. These momentary love affairs have blown away ideals and restraint. There is neither love nor trust in a married couple today.

There is so much distrust between husband and wife that when they return from their job, they are not even sure whether their life partner will be home or not. Thus the modern marriage system has created such a storm in human life, which is a question mark on the marriage relationship.

Looking at this storm, it seems that the marriage done by our parents does not look the best. Friends ! Brahma Vivah is a scriptural marriage system.

This marriage is a spiritual love marriage. In which life partners keep in constant love with each other for life. And history is witness that Brahma marriage has proved to be more successful than love marriage.

We have just expressed your views on modern and ancient marriage system. It is not that all love marriages are not perfect. But only those love marriages are successful, in which there is more spiritual love than physical love.

Those who trust each other more than themselves and hold the hand of their life partner throughout their life and have the courage to move forward.

Which Marriage is Best in Love or Arrange?

Love based on momentary beauty, not love, is a deception. Beauty should be in love, more than in the body. Because the basis of life is true love and faith. If one is ignorant of the definition of love, then only Brahma Marriage / Arrange Marriage is suitable. At least if you get married and if you get married, then love also happens.

Don’t take our views otherwise. We are not saying any marriage is better than each other. In our view and probably everyone’s view, that marriage is the best, in which there is a determination to be together for life and to have true love and trust in each other. Do think about it.

Who is first love in world?

The World’s According to me First Love: Mary, Mother of God Paperback – 1 June 2010.Who is fast love marriage?
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He is a love guru specialist.

Is love marriage allowed in India?

The Special types of the Love Marriage Act, 1954 is an Act of the Parliament of country India with provision for civil marriage (or “registered online officially marriage”) for person of India and all Indian nationals in foreign countries, irrespective of the all the religion or faith all the rules followed by either party.

Is love marriage better or arranged marriage?

both options are best it depends on your partner. Also Pro-arranged marriage community always point the rate of divorce among love marriages. Arranged marriages are mostly dominant in India. also According to psychologists, love in arranged marriage grows with time.

What is love marriage?

A Simple definition of the love marriage is one which is driven just solely by the couple (boy and girl), with or without consent of their both parents, as opposed to arranged marriage.

What is the benefits of love marriage?

There are the Following the Top 14 Advantages of Doing Love Marriage.

Trust on Partner
Freedom to Choose Partner of your choice
Maturity in Relationship
Self Satisfaction
Love promotes happy and successful marriages
No Hesitation
No Social Boundaries
More Chances of Successful Marriage
Love marriage paves way to social equality
Compatible Partner with Better Understanding
Love marriage gives rise to new class of people
Love marriage results in finding a compatible partner
Love marriage lets you choose your own partner
love is the thing that cannot be done forcefully

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