how to get last inserted id in laravel 6?

Today, We want to share with you how to get last inserted id in laravel 6?.In this post we will show you How does laravel store data in database?, hear for Retrieve last insert id by Eloquent in Laravel we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about How can insert data in table in laravel? with an example.

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Get last inserted id in laravel

In this example, We would give you simple example of how to get last inserted id in laravel 6. you can easy way to get laravel 5 ,6 or 7 version to get last inserted record id with example.

,when you make database,you always use primary key column using the AUTO_INCREMENT some all the attribute that means when you added or insert new fresh Data record into the table after that value of primary key column would be auto-increment with latest unique integer.

how to get last inserted id in laravel 6
how to get last inserted id in laravel 6

all the Devlopers can perform Create CRUD in Laravel an INSERT or UPDATE on MySQL database table with an AUTO_INCREMENT column then you get the last insert id of last insert or update MySQL Data Base query.

In PHP MySQLi, you use mysqli_insert_id to get last inserted Data record id.

How to get last inserted id in Laravel 7.x and 6.x?

There are the simple Laravel using a insertGetId(), create() and save() methods 6 and 7 version.

In laravel, when you going to DB query builder then you can use simple Laravel Latest version to example below insertGetId() that would insert a record and then return last inserted record id.

Example 1: Using insertGetId() Method

 public function getLastInsertedId()
        $member_id = DB::table('member')->insertGetId(
                ['email' => '[email protected]', 'name' => 'Rakesh']


Example 2: Using create() Methods

  public function getLastInsertedId()
        $member = Member::create(['name'=>'Rakesh' , 'email'=>'[email protected]']);


Example 3: Using save()

public function craeteNewMember(){

    $member =new Member();

    $member->name = "Milan Patel";

    $member->email = "[email protected]";


    return $member->id;


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