Girnar Parvat, Junagadh : Everything You Need to Know – 10000 steps to Redemption: Girnar Hill, Gujarat

Girnar Parvat is located in Junagadh city of Gujarat state. Girnar Hill is also known as Revatak Parvat. It is the highest and most sacred mountain of Gujarat. About 866 Jain and Hindu temples can be visited on the Girnar mountain.

Girnar Mountain is only 5 km away from Junagadh city. The summit of Geinar Parvat/mountain is situated at a height of 3672 feet, to reach here one has to climb 9999 steps. If you want to reach the top temples, you will need a full day’s time.

girnar parvat Junagadh Girnar Full Information/History/Timings etc.

girnar parvat
girnar parvat

Girnar Parvat/mountain has a total of 4 high peaks

  • 1) Jain temple peak – 4000 steps
  • 2) Ambaji peak – 5000 steps
  • 3) Gorakhnath peak – 5800 steps
  • 4) Guru Dattatreya peak is situated at 7500-9000 steps.

Morning walk to Girnar Hill makes for a blissful experience, which the tourist will remember for a lifetime. It is an important pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Jains, people often visit these temples.

A lot of people gather here during the Girnar Parikrama festival. Also The Girnar Parikrama best moments as well as great festival is held in month of the November.

Here is the largest and oldest temple of Neminath, the 22nd Tirthankara of Jainism, which dates back to the 12th century.

This is followed by a number of Hindu temples, the Ambaji temple on the first peak, the Gorakhnath temple on the 1117-metre peak, and the Kalika temple on the last square.

how to climb girnar?

There are 3 ways to climb Girnar Parvat.

  1. On foot
  2. Palkhi Service
  3. Rope Way

1. On foot

  • If you can climb on foot, then this can be a very fun journey for you. Let me show you the way by which you will be less tired and you can reach the highest peak and come back. And you can also visit all the religious places.
  • You have to reach Junagadh a day before the day you want to climb Girnar. You can stay in any hotel in Junagadh or at the ashram of Bhavnath which is at the foot of Girnar mountain.
  • On that day you can go to visit other places of Junagadh. Know about other places of Junagadh On this link you will get information about all the places to visit in Junagadh.
  • Visit Junagadh, eat early in the evening and go to sleep around 8 or 9 o’clock, as you have to start the climb at 3 or 4 pm. Because to reach Dattatreya, you have to climb about 10000 steps, which takes 4 to 5 hours.
  • So if you start climbing at 3 o’clock, you will have reached the top at sunrise.
  • That’s why one has to start climbing at 3 or 4 o’clock in the night because fatigue is less in the night, it becomes very difficult to climb after sunrise.
  • On the foothills of Girnar you can also find wood which you can rent. Tiredness will be reduced with the help of wood.
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How to visit the religious places of Girnar Hill?

Because if you start climbing at night, then almost all the temples on the way will be closed. That is why you have to reach the fifth tonk i.e. Dattatreya peak directly. After visiting there, all the temples would have been opened for darshan while returning, so you can visit the rest of the temples while returning.

2. Palkhi Service

If you are not able to climb Girnar then you can visit by using Palkhi service. First you will be weighed and accordingly the price is calculated.

3. Girnar Ropeway

With the help of ropeway, you will be able to reach Girnar mountain easily. Ambaji Mataki Tonk Which is about 5000 steps and has a route of 2.3 kms. It used to take around 3-4 hours to reach there. This distance can now be covered in just 7-8 minutes by ropeway facility.

Rope way ticket

  1. Per Person (Both Side) : 700/-
  2. Per Person (Climbing Only) : 400/-
  3. Children (below 16 years of age, both sides): 350/-
  4. Children (below 16 years of age, climbing only) : 200/-

For Ropeway Online Ticket Booking and more details visit the link given below

Girnar Parvat Ropeway Contact Number

  • Mr Ashish : +91 98988 84357

Best Time to Visit Girnar Junagadh

Winter is the best time to visit Girnar Parvat.

This place looks more beautiful even in the rainy season, but it is not safe to climb in the rain and climbing in summer is very painful, so it is better to go between November and February.

How to reach Junagadh Girnar mountain? (How to reach Junagadh Girnar Parvat?)

After reaching Junagadh you will get local rickshaw from bus station or railway station to Bhavnath Taleti. You can easily reach Bhavnath Taleti by local rickshaw.

To know how to reach Junagadh, click here.

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