happy makar sankranti 2021 – Thursday, 14 January

Happy Makar Sankranti or Maghi is a festival celebrated by various names throughout the India ke Khichdi, Lohri Bihu and Pongal.

Uttrayana || Khichdi || Maghi || Lohri || Hindi/Urdu

  • Thursday, 14 January
  • Makar Sankranti 2021 in Gujarat

Uttarayana is the period between Makar Sankranti and Karka Sankranti The word ‘Uttarayana’ is derived from two different Sanskrit words “Uttar” and “Ayan” That is the movement of the earth on the celestial sphere During Uttarayana, the International Kite festival is considered as one of the biggest festival among others This day is important for harvesting in India Many cities in Gujarat organize Kite flying contests where people compete with each other However, most of the participants are from out of India This day is said to bring people socially together The kite fighter who cuts the thread of other kite fighter is hailed as a victor In Gujarat, grain from the new harvest is used to cook ‘Kichdo’ or ‘Kichadi’ During the festival people enjoy delicacies like ‘Undhiyu’ and ‘Jalebi’ Cycle Pure wishes you for a Happy and Prosperous Uttarayana

मकर संक्रांति का विज्ञान || Happy Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is a festival celebrated by various names throughout the India ke Khichdi, Lohri Bihu and Pongal. But why is it so important that few people know about this. There are so many stories related to it, such as during the Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitamaha had chosen to sacrifice his life on this day or On this day, Ganga was merged with GangaSagar through Kapil Muni’s ashram. But its scientific or astronomical significance is what we will consider today. Before Makar Sankranti, Sun pushes rays directly on the southern hemisphere of the earth, due to this, the nights in the Northern Hemisphere are bigger and days are smaller, and there is also the season of winter. From the Makar Sankranthi, Sun begins to move towards the northern hemisphere of the earth, which makes the season more pleasant, which is also good for crops and for the auspicious celebrations. and also nights are short and Days seem to be long As we all know that India is situated in the northern hemisphere on earth, so this day has special significance for India.

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O Tum Logo Ko Sharam Hai Jara Si Bhi Ye Dhage Se Kitne Pakshi Marte Hai Kitne Pakshiyo Ka Khoon Nikalta Hai Khali Bas Patang Udaye Ja Rahe Ho Yaar Kitne Nuksan Hota Hai Isse Tumko Jara Si Bhi Sharam Hai Badtameez Kahi Kai Ye Pakshi Nahi Hai Pakshi Kha Hai Leg Piece Hai Ha… muggu rangoli Haridasu (servant of Hari) family Preparing applau gangireddu Regi Pandlu tilkut and lai ellu bella thindu olle maathadi Happy Makar Sankranti Bhoghi భోగి

Story of happy makar sankranti my love


wherever you may go, there is no deed better than charity Therefore, we shall start the day by giving some charity Go and give this alms to anyone to whomsoever you fell like giving it Do you wish to fly a kite with me This Makar Sankranti let it bring Love in your life good thoughts and like the colorful kites make you fly high This is our prayer Cycle Pure wishes you all a blessed Makar Sankranti

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