html vs css – What is the difference between html and CSS?

html vs css difference: , Hello friends… we are going to tell you about “html vs css” which are two computer languages. As you also know that “HTML and CSS” are two such computer languages, which are used for the design of the webpage.

In which people are mostly confused that what is the difference between these two, so today we will explain to you the difference between these two. Today we will tell that “What is HTML and CSS and what is the difference between them?”.

So let’s start today’s topic (Difference between HTML and CSS).

html vs css with Examples

Difference between HTML and CSS
Difference between HTML and CSS

What is HTML?

The full name of HTML is “HyperText Markup Language” which is used to give shape to any webpage or rather HTML is the building-blocks of the webpage.

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Images, text, videos, forms and other content can be placed together in one webpage through HTML. Not only this, through this you can add other links to that webpage and you can also change the size of the image.

You can read, understand or view anything on the website through HTML.

HTML Example

	<h2>Welcome to</h2>

What is CSS?

The full name of CSS is “Cascading Style Sheets” which determines the look and feel of the website. From this the work of font size, font color, font type, style of the image, page layout, mouse-over effects, etc. is also taken.

If we talk about WordPress, then the CSS is edited by the editor in the Appearance section of the Dashboard. In addition, CSS can be visually edited in some WordPress themes such as Headway, etc.

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The color, font, style etc. of the website are selected by CSS only.

CSS Example

body {

<h2>Welcome to! - html vs css</h2>

<p>This page has green background color</p>


html vs css | Difference between HTML and CSS | What is the difference between HTML and CSS !!

html vs css
html vs css
  • Through HTML, you can read, understand or view anything on the website and through CSS the color, font, style etc. are selected and added to the webpage.
  • The full form of HTML is “HyperText Markup Language” and the full form of CSS is “Cascading Style Sheets”.
  • HTML gives shape to the website and CSS provides style and look to the website.
  • CSS does not work without HTML whereas HTML works without CSS.
  • Both HTML and CSS are computer languages.
  • Both the codes require internet and browser to run.
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