Increase Website Speed with Compressor,Reduce,Optimization

Increase Website Speed with Compressor,Reduce,Optimization

In this Post We Will Explain About is Increase Website Speed with Compressor,Reduce,Optimization With Example and Tutorial.Welcome on – Examples, The best For Learn web development Tutorials with Points! Hi Dear Friends here u can know to How To Increase Website Speed & Performance Example

In this post we will show you Best way to Learn How to Achieve 100/100 with the Google Page Speed Test Tool, hear for improve and optimize your website speed and load time using google tool with Step By step Explain .we will give you points,Source Code and examples for implement Step By Step Good Luck!.

Any search engine(SEO) wants to More provide users a great user friendly experience, as a like Google search engine, as well as a very fast site improves all search engine overall site quality and then increases more user very best satisfaction.regularly deserves a fast website more experience

Top 10 Ways to Speed Up Website

1. First of all Minimize HTTP Requests some images, style-sheets,External scripts, some Flash, etc

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2. and then second step to Reduce your server response time Like as a target is your server response time of less than about 200ms.

3. After that Enable compression(100kb and more).

4. And then simple Enable browser caching Like as a(cache, or temporary storage)

5. Tools and some information to help We create high performance web application or sites Minify ResourcesPage Speed Tools, here Create your web pages as well as fast on all devices.

6. You need to focus three sign Like as a images size, images format and the images src attribute Optimize imagesJPEG Images is your best option.

7. Special tools for css CSS delivery tool This tool show how some CSS is used on a your web page, as well as Examines the all the external and some HTML internal use of CSS.Optimize CSS Delivery

8. here step no 8 learn to only one any created CSS style-sheet as well as no any inline CSS IMP Prioritize your Website above-the-fold Data content

9. Here lots of the many plugins very slow your web site, so Reduce the total number of plugins as well as external js

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10. Redirects make some additional HTTP more requests and more increase website load time so keep minimum time.Reduce redirects

Best Tips to Speed Up Your Website

There are the following list of the step by step Speed up Your website using smart way.
2.Content elements
3.CSS, JS and Images Optimize

a) Server side

  • 1. Leverage or more browser caching
  • 2. Enable simple Keep-Alive
  • 3. Enable some gzip compression
  • 4. create landing page as well as redirects cacheable
  • 5. Use a google CDN

b) Content Data elements

  • 1. Minimize URL redirects
  • 2. Remove url query strings from some static some resources
  • 3. particularize a character set
  • 4. Minify your source codes
  • 5. Avoid bad requests
  • 6. Serve some resources from a consistent URL
  • 7. Reduce your DNS lookups

c) CSS, JS and Images

  • 1. particularize image dimensions
  • 2. Optimize images
  • 3. Add CSS at the top header and JS at the bottom

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