Introduction To Math Class in C# ASP.NET

Introduction To Math Class in C# ASP.NET

Today, We want to share with you Introduction To Math Class in C# ASP.NET.
In this post we will show you math – C# Mathematical Functions, hear for Mathematical functions in C# .NET we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Arithmetic in Generic Classes in C# with an example.

Mathematical Calculation in C# using Math Class

Math class can be use for maths related calculation.

some of the useful methods of this class to perform maths related calculation are as below.

Math – C# Mathematical Functions

  • – Math.BigMul(): use for getting the multiplication of two number.
  • – Math.Ceiling(): use for getting a number that is greater than or equal to the specified double-precision floating point number.
  • – Math.Floor(): use for getting an integer that is less than or equal to the specified double-precision floating point number.
  • – Math.Sin(): Returns the sine of the specified angle.
  • – Math.Cos(): Returns the cosine of the specified angle.
  • – Math.Tan(): Returns the tangent of the specified angle.
  • – Math.Sqrt(): Returns the square root of a specified number.
  • – Math.Max(): Returns the larger of two number.
  • – Math.Min(): Returns the smaller of two number.
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C# Programming Examples on Mathematics

using System;

namespace CsharpProgram
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            double Multiplication, CeilingValue, FloorValue;

            Multiplication = Math.BigMul(7823, 2345);

            CeilingValue = Math.Ceiling(76.43);

            FloorValue = Math.Floor(76.43);

            Console.WriteLine("7823 * 2345 = " + Multiplication);

            Console.WriteLine("Ceiling value of 76.43 is " + CeilingValue);

            Console.WriteLine("Floor value of 76.43 is " + FloorValue);

            double sin_Result, cos_Result, tan_Result;

            sin_Result = Math.Sin(30);
            cos_Result = Math.Cos(30);
            tan_Result = Math.Tan(30);

            Console.WriteLine("Sin of angle 30 is " + sin_Result);
            Console.WriteLine("Cos of angle 30 is " + cos_Result);
            Console.WriteLine("Tan of angle 30 is " + tan_Result);

            double SquareRoot;

            SquareRoot = Math.Sqrt(144);

            Console.WriteLine("Square Root of 144 is " + SquareRoot);

            int MaxValue, MinValue;

            MaxValue = Math.Max(34, 76);
            MinValue = Math.Min(34, 76);

            Console.WriteLine("Maximum of 34 and 76 is " + MaxValue);
            Console.WriteLine("Minimum of 34 and 76 is " + MinValue);


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