JavaScript Array filter Method Filtering Arrays

JavaScript Array filter Method Filtering Arrays

Today, We want to share with you JavaScript Array filter Method Filtering Arrays.
In this post we will show you JavaScript Array filter Method Filtering Arrays, hear for Filtering Arrays with Array using javascript we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about JavaScript Array filter() Method with an example.

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The JavaScript simple Array filter to method creates a new simple array by filtering used function out the elements of an existing Like as an array using a callback function.

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The JavaScript simple Array filter method and its iterates over the each value of an simple array passing it to a callback function.

Syntax : filter() function

var filteredArray = array.filter(callback [, contextObject])

List of Parameters

The callback function to use in javascript
simple Object to be used as a all context for the callback function in javascript

filter() function Return Value

It’s Returns created an array.

Example of JavaScript Array filter

var nameList = [
{name:'segment A', project:20, kpi:'Kpi 1'},
{name:'segment B', project:60, kpi:'Kpi 2'},
{name:'segment C', project:22, kpi:'Kpi 3'},
{name:'segment D', project:40, kpi:'Kpi 4'}

var arrayfiltervalu = nameList.filter(function (product) {
      return == "segment B" && product.project < 30;

//To See Output all Result as Array

filter() Array Method in JavaScript

var srnumber = [1, 3, 6, 8, 11];
var drdatano = srnumber.filter(function(number) {
  return number > 7;

Output// [ 8, 11 ]

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Filtering an array of objects

var subject = [
	{name: “Angulajs”, franchise: “ng”},
	{name: “Laravel”, franchise: “lv”},
	{name: “vuejs”, franchise: “lv”},
	{name: “magento”, franchise: “mg”}

var laraveldis =  subject.filter(function(item) {
	return item.franchise == “lv”;


// [ {name: “Laravel”, franchise: “lv”}, {name: “vuejs”, franchise: “lv”} ]

Example is really simple : using filter() function

var aarrayname = [5, 4, 3, 2, 1];
smallvalues = aarrayname.filter(function(x) { return x < 3 });   // output [2, 1]
everyother = aarrayname.filter(function(x,i) { return i%2==0 }); // output [5, 3, 1]

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