JavaScript Array Methods tips, tricks and examples

Today, We want to share with you JavaScript Array Methods tips, tricks and examples.In this post we will show you javascript declare empty array, hear for javascript array methods we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about javascript array of objects with an example.

JavaScript Array Methods tips, tricks and examples

There are the Following The simple About JavaScript Array Methods tips, tricks and examples Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop javascript array length, so the javascript object for this example is following below.

Javascript Arrays

JavaScript Array Literal

    var maganth=[];            // blank Array

JavaScript Array Constructor

var maganth=new Array();        // blank Array

Check Array datatype

var x=[];        
typeof x;            // return "object"
Array.isArray(x);    // return true 

Traversal values of array

var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];
    members[0];        return "sanjay";  
    members[1];        return "magan";  
    members[2];        return "tulshi";  
    members[3];        return undefined;  


    var x=[];
    var y=["jan","feb","mar"];
    x.length;        return 0;                  
    y.length;        return 3;

Array length is mutable

var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];
members.length;   //return 3
members.length;   //return 5
members           //return ["sanjay","magan","tulshi",,] 2 empty
members.length;   //return 6
members           //return ["sanjay","magan","tulshi",,,] 3 empty  

Array Methods


var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi","weds","thakrshi","farendo","shailesh"];

// return ["farendo", "magan", "shailesh", "sanjay", "thakrshi", "tulshi", "weds"] 

sort numeric array in alphabetical order

    var i=[1,2,3,10,20];    
    i;  return [1,10,2,20,3];

Sort numeric array

    var i=[1,2,3,10,20];
    function srt(a,b){ retrun a-b }    
    i;  return [1,2,3,10,20];


var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi","weds","thakrshi","farendo","shailesh"];
    // ["shailesh", "farendo", "thakrshi", "weds", "tulshi", "magan", "sanjay"]


var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi","weds","thakrshi","farendo","shailesh"];

members.indexOf("sanjay");         // return 0
members.indexOf("shailesh");         // return 6
members.indexOf("SUN");         // return -1


var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];

members.shift();        // return "sanjay"
members;               //return ["magan","tulshi"] 


var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];

members.unshift("DAYS");     // return 4
members;                     //return ["DAYS","sanjay","magan","tulshi"] 


var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];

members.pop();     // return "tulshi"
members;                     //return ["sanjay","magan"] 


var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];

members.push("weds");     // return 4
members;                     //return ["sanjay","magan","tulshi","weds"] 


var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];

members.splice(0,1);  // remove 1 element from 0 index
members               // return  ["magan","tulshi"];

members.splice(1,1);  // remove 1 element from 1 index
members               // return  ["sanjay","tulshi"];

members.splice(0,2);  // remove 2 element from 0 index
members               // return  ["tulshi"];

members.splice(0,0,"members"); // add 1 element at 0 index
members                     // return  ["members","sanjay","magan","tulshi"];

members.splice(0,1,"members"); // add 1 element by removing element at 0 index
members                     // return  ["members","magan","tulshi"];


var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];

members.slice(0);        return ["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];
members.slice(1);        return [magan","tulshi"];
members.slice(2);        return ["tulshi"];
members.slice(1,3);      return ["magan","tulshi"];


var members=["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];

members.join();        return "sanjay,magan,tulshi";
members.join(":");     return "sanjay:magan:tulshi";
members.join("-");     return "sanjay-magan-tulshi";


var members1=["sanjay","magan","tulshi"];
var members2=["weds","thakrshi","farendo","shailesh"];

var members=members1.concat(members2);

members;  // return ["sanjay","magan","tulshi","weds","thakrshi","farendo","shailesh"]

split, string to array

var str="abc,efg";
                    // return ["a","b","c",",","e","f","g"]
                   // return ["abc","efg"]

Multidimensional Array

    var members=[["g1","g2","g3"],["b1","b2","b3","b4"]];
    members.length;               // 2 arrays in array
    members[0];                   // first array in members
    members[1];                   // second array in members
    members[0].length              // 3
    members[1].length              // 4
    members[0][0];                // "g1"
    members[0][1];                // "g2"
    members[0][2];                // "g3"
    members[1][0];                // "b1"
    members[1][1];                // "b2"
    members[1][2];                // "b3"
    members[1][3];                // "b4"

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