JavaScript Automatically Page Redirection

JavaScript Automatically Page Redirection

In this Post We Will Explain About is JavaScript Automatically Page Redirection With Example and Demo.Welcome on – Examples, The best For Learn web development Tutorials,Demo with Example! Hi Dear Friends here u can know to javascript – How to redirect to another webpage Example

In this post we will show you Best way to implement javascript redirect to relative url, hear for How to make a page redirect using Javascript with Download .we will give you demo,Source Code and examples for implement Step By Step Good Luck!.

What is URL Redirection?

in this post learn to URL redirection using javascript, also called forwarding or redirection URL one place to onther place forwarding, is a best way to automatically forwarding or redirect a web app-page to another web app-page. The redirected app-page is often on the same website, or it can be on a different web site or a web server.

Javascript URL redirection

In Javascript some most popular methods for redirection, We can use many lots of the methods to redirect or forwarding a web app-page to another one. here in this post Almost all methods overview are related to like as a window.location javascript object, which is a all the simple property of the create Window object. It can be simple used to get the javascript current URL address like as a(web page address) and to simple redirect the some browser to a new app-page.

	window.location = ""

window.location and window.location.href

In many places We have seen using javascript window.location.href instead of Like as a window.location. Both methods usage are same in browsers terms of behavior. <b.window.location returns an javascript object. If url link .href is not any set, so window.location simple defaults to change the the parameter .href.

	 function newLocation() 

URL Redirection on app-page load

If We want to redirect your app-page to a new location while on app-page load, We can use the following source code. The following simple program display a message for reload page to 5 second and here simple redirected to new any usrl location.

	function myliveFunc()

JavaScript Page Redirection....

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Other Best way to URL redirection methods

JavaScript provides We many other lost of the methods to simple core javascript redirect a URL to another page. and second way to windows.location Object also have forwarding or redirect another three methods also. They are javascript location.replace() or location.assign() or location.reload().


The other most simple often using method is the javascript replace() method of window.location object, it will replaces the current document with a new one. In javascript replace() method, We can pass new URL to javascript replace() method and it will perform an HTTP redirect.



The simple javascript location.assign() method loads a new web-page or web document in the any browser window.


When to use assign() and replace() javascript method

The difference between like as a assign() and replace() simple and easy methods are that the location.replace() method delete the simple browser current first URL link from web document data history, because this is unable to simple one page to other page navigate back to the binding original document. We can’t use the simple browsers “Back” button in this simple case. If We want to avoid or skip this situation, We need to use simple javascript location.assign() method, so it is load a very best way to new Document in any browser.


The location.reload() method simple and easy methods reloads the current page or web document in the any browser window.



The simple window.navigate() method is similar to assigning a new value to the window.location.href property. Because it is only available in Browsers like as a MS Internet Explorer, so We should avoid any data using this in simple chrome, mozila and any other cross-browser development.


Back to Home Page

In some case website, if someone wants to website page redirect back to home pagelanding then he Can use the following simple javascript source code.

window.location =

URL redirection and SEO Stands for (Search Engine Optimization)

If We want to notify the search engines (SEO) about your URL redirect or forwarding, We should add the simple source code rel=”canonical” in header part meta tag to your website-app-page head part because SEO search engines don’t any way analyze javascript to check the forwarding or redirection.

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