JavaScript setInterval and clearInterval function

JavaScript setInterval and clearInterval function

Today, We want to share with you JavaScript setInterval and clearInterval function.
In this post we will show you JavaScript setInterval and clearInterval function, hear for JavaScript setInterval and clearInterval function example we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about How do I set up setInterval(), clearInterval(), setTimeout() with an example.

The Some times you may need to perform some same action multiple times in one function call. by using javascript “setInterval” method function you can call specific functionality to continuously in a specific perfect time interval.(Like as a milliseconds) to stop the loop(looping base) we need to use the stop the “clearInterval” function used.

javascript setinterval and settimeout function difference

JavaScript setTimeout() function

The setTimeout() function in general can be compared used to a countdown timer.

It’s a setTimeout(expression, timeout); runs to the code and function once after specific the timeout.

the setTimeout will be executes the function only once on a time out.

It’s specific used to execute a certain setTimeout function at the end of given time.

Syntax: setTimeout(function/code,(1000)Time in milliseconds);

Example of setTimeout() function


setInterval() function

the setInterval(your expression, timeout(1000)); It’s runs the codeor function in some intervals, with the specific length of the your timeout between them.

The setInterval executes main the function continuously repeatedly on and some interval in milliseconds.

A setInterval() in generally can be compared to an alarm clock that strikes given after a particular time display, It repeats data value it self at regular time format that is passed to this function.

Syntax: The setInterval(code/Function,(1000)Time in milliseconds);

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Example of setInterval() function


Example of setInterval and setTimeout function

var intervalID = setInterval(alert, 1000); 
// here It Will alert every second display.
// clearInterval(intervalID); 
//here it Will clear the timer specific.
setTimeout(alert, 1000); 
// it Will alert only once,and after a second.

setInterval and how to use clearInterval

var handle = setInterval(drawAll, 20);
// When you sometimes want to cancel it:
handle = 0; 
//handle the setInterval

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