How to find the Json Object Length in Javascript?

In this example, I will see how to get length of json object in javascript. i can get json object size by using Object.keys method in jquery. i can easily get size of json object & count object lengths using javascript function.

Json Object Length in Javascript Example

i will use Object class with keys() as well as get length. keys() will take single argument as json object. then you can easy get lengths. In javascript Example you can get object keys lengths using Object class.

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i can simply get like as bellow best example with syntax:

var countKey = Object.keys(jsonObj).length;

As you can see above example i have to simple give object array on keys function and get lengths key.

you can see full example source code bellow: jQuery Ajax Call to Laravel Script with JSON Return

Example: Json Object Lengths in Javascript Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Json Object Length in Javascript Example -</title>
  <script src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
  var jsonObj = {
    '0' : {'title': '', 'description': ''},
    '1' : {'title': '', 'description': ''}

  var countKey = Object.keys(jsonObj).length;

Using Object.keys()

i can easy to get json lengths like as bellow best example.

let a = {
   name: "Virat",
   age: 54,
   city: "CSK Team"



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