kfc full form – What is the full form of KFC? – KFC FULL FORM DETAILS 2022

kfc full form : Do you know the full form of KFC? If not, then no problem, now We are going to tell you about this.

kfc full form – What does KFC mean? – Full Form of KFC

kfc full form
kfc full form

The full form of KFC is “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. This is a fast food restaurant. KFC are considered experts in making Fried Chicken.

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KFC stands for “Kentucky Fried Chicken”.

Do you know that the Main Headquarter of KFC Company is located in Louisville, Kentucky city of United States. KFC ‘Yum! Very few people know that Brands’ help is a company. Today, KFC’s has 20,500 shops in 125 countries.

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Here a special recipe is used to make fried chicken, which is also called Colonel’s secret recipe. This Secret Recipe is made up of 11 ingredients.

  1. To make KFC Fried Chicken, they use real chicken, which they get from US farms.
  2. Before sending chicken to KFC, it is checked by USDA whether it is chicken of good quality or not.
  3. These Chickens do not contain both steroids and hormones. Which is a good thing.
  4. Color is not added to their chickens.
  • K – Kentucky
  • F – Fried
  • C – Chicken
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What are the items available in KFC?

  1. Big 8
  2. chick & share
  3. chicken zinger
  4. Dips bucket
  5. Duo bucket meal
  6. Friendship bucket
  7. krunchy Burger (Bugers)
  8. Mingle bucket
  9. Rice Bowlz
  10. Triple treat
  11. VEG zinger

KFC History

KFC History
KFC History

The founder of KFC is Harland Sanders, born in Henryville in 1890. Initially he did many jobs but he did not like all these jobs very much and in the end he had to leave those jobs.

In 1930, he opened a shop on the road side of Fried Chicken, this is the beginning of his success. Seeing the recipe of their Fried Chicken, it became very famous.

In 1963, he opened more than 600 restaurants.

After this, he never looked back, his restaurants are in every city and country in today’s time. People like their Chicken very much.

In 2016, Mukesh Pant was made the CEO of KFC. He had come after studying at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Before becoming the CEO of KFC, he worked in many well-known companies like Hindustan Lever Limited and Reebok.

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Top 12+ KFC Competitors across the world:

  1. Burger King.
  2. Domino’s Pizza.
  3. Dunkin Donuts.
  4. McDonalds.
  5. Pepsico
  6. Pizza Hut.
  7. Starbucks.
  8. Subway.
  9. Taco Bell.

Other KFC Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Kentucky Fried Chicken Fast Food Restaurant KFC
KALPATTICHATRAM Indian Railway Station KFC
Kennedy Flight Center Space Science KFC
Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Celsius Measurement Unit KFC

FAQ – kfc full form

Who is the owner of KFC?

KFC is owned by Colonel Sanders and Pete Harman.

What is the full form of cuffs?

The full form of KFC is “Kentucky Fried Chicken”.

Who made KFC Chicken?

At the age of 88, Colonel Sanders created KFC Chicken.

All Full Forms of KFC:

Term Full Form Category
KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Companies & Corporations
KFC Keith Football Club Sports & Recreation Organizations
KFC Kerala Flood Cess Rules & Regulations
KFC Kenya Flower Council Trade Associations
KFC KALPATTICHATRAM Indian Railway Station
KFC Kennedy Flight Center Space Science
KFC Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Celsius Measurement Unit
KFC Komáromi Football Club Uncategorized
KFC Korean Fried Chicken Uncategorized
KFC Karipúna French Creole Uncategorized
KFC Knowledge For Climate Uncategorized
KFC Kuwaiti Field Chicken Uncategorized
KFC Kerala Film Chamber Uncategorized
KFC Kerr Fitness Club Uncategorized
KFC Kerala Financial Corporation Uncategorized
KFC Keep Fat Club Uncategorized
KFC Kerala Farming Corporations Uncategorized
KFC Kerr Frequency Combs Uncategorized
KFC Khalistan Commando Force Uncategorized
KFC Kessler’S Flying Circus Uncategorized
KFC Kenya Film Commission Uncategorized
KFC Kooger Football Club Uncategorized
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