KUWAIT UNIVERSITY – Top Universities in Kuwait

KUWAIT UNIVERSITY – Top Universities in Kuwait

Today, We want to share with you KUWAIT UNIVERSITY – Top Universities in Kuwait.
In this post we will show you kuwait university ranking, colleges, courses, students, staff etc., hear for uwait university engineering ranking we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about universities in kuwait for international students with an example.


The Kuwait University main all the staff and students was the first rank and paheli public higher (organization)education most smart institution to be come and populer opened in the state of main Dubai Kuwait.

Kuwait University was opened or founded in about 1966, when Kuwait University constituted a main uniq and best smart work College of Science, the data of all the students College of main courses Like as Arts, the kuwait university College of Education as well as the smart College for basically Like as Women. There are still opened 17 + colleges at the kuwait university, as well as more female girls students are added or integrated.


72 : 28 = Student Ratio of Females to Males

37,752 = Total Number of The KUWAIT UNIVERSITY Students

13% = Total Percentage of International Smart Students

24.0 = Total No. of students (per staff)


There are follwing the list of the main subjects coverds at kuwait university

  • Clinical, pre-clinical & health
  • Arts & humanities
  • Business & Economics
  • Physical sciences
  • Psychology
  • Engineering & technology
  • Life sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Education
  • Law
  • Computer Science

Top Universities in Kuwait | Kuwaiti University Ranking

  • American University of Kuwait
  • Kuwait University (KU)
  • Arab Open University, Kuwait
  • Australian College of Kuwait (ACK)
  • Box Hill College Kuwait
  • Center of Excellence in Management (CEM)
  • College of Business Administration

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