Top 40 Laravel Interview Questions

Laravel interview Questions and Answers. Below are the list of latest Laravel interview questions and answers for experienced. Practice questions on Laravel Routing, Validation
, Controllers, Error Handling, Authentication, HTTP Requests, Dependency injection, URL Generation, Middleware, HTTP Responses, HTTP Session, CSRF Protection, Authorization, Logging, Laravel Facades, Eloquent: Relationships, Collections, Mutators, API Resources, Views, Database: Query Builder, Migrations in Laravel, Pagination, Seeding, Redis, Pros and Cons of Laravel, Contracts, What is Laravel or many more laravel interview questions and answers for 5 year experience.

Quick interview Questions About Laravel


is written In PHP Programming (PHP 7)
Laravel is a PHP Framework for Developing websites and mobile API’s.
Laravel is developed By Taylor Otwell
Laravel is Based on MVC architectural pattern
Laravel Dependencies Composer, OpenSSL, PDO, Mbstring, etc.
Laravel Licence MIT License
Laravel Current Stable release 6.9.0

Below are the list of Best Laravel interview questions and Answers.

1) What is Laravel?

free or open-source PHP web frameworkLaravel is a all about free, with open-source PHP Based web framework, makes by Taylor Otwell as well as simple intended for the main s development of any user friendly web applications following the good look to MVC based model–view–controller (MVC) Latest architectural pattern.

2)How to solve trying to get property of non-object in php ?

If you working with or loops in laravel (for, foreach, etc.) display access the data to getting the try to get property of non-object laravel or any types of the relationships like as a (one to many, many to many, etc.), this may mean that one of the Database queries is returning a null data variable or a null laravel 5/6/7 relationship member.


Is your query returning array or object? If you dump or dd it out, you might find that this is an array as well as all you need is an array access ([]) instead of an object access (->).

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3) Explain validations in laravel?

Laravel validation Example

$validatedData = $request->validate([
    'name' => 'required|max:255',
    'firstname' => 'required|alpha_num',
    'reputations' => 'required|numeric',

4) How to install laravel via composer ?

You can install Laravel via composer by running below command.

composer create-project laravel/laravel your-project-name version

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5) List some features of laravel 6 ?

Laravel 6 features

  • Inbuilt paginations
  • Reverse Routing
  • Query builder
  • Job middleware
  • Lazy collections
  • Route caching
  • Inbuilt CRSF (cross-site request forgery ) Protection.
  • Database Migration
  • IOC (Inverse of Control) Container Or service container.

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6) What is PHP artisan. List out some artisan commands ?

Here are the list of some artisan command:-

  • php artisan tinker
  • php artisan make
  • php artisan make model model_name
  • php artisan –versian
  • php artisan list
  • php artisan help
  • php artisan make controller controller_name
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7) List some default packages provided by Laravel Framework?

Below are a list of some default packages provided by Laravel

  • Cashier
  • Scout
  • Socialite
  • Horizon
  • Envoy
  • Passport
  • Telescope

8) What are named routes in Laravel?

Route::get('user/pakainfo', function () {

specify route names for controller actions:

Route::get('user/pakainfo', '[email protected]')->name('pakainfo');

9) What is database migration. How to create migration via artisan ?

Use below commands to create Database migration data via artisan.

// creating Migration
php artisan make:migration create_users_table

10) What are service providers in Laravel ?

There are the Following The simple About laravel date facade Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop laravel real-time facades, so the create facade laravel 6 is used for this example is following below.
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namespace App\Pakainfo;
class BdayWishClass {
    public function productImagePath($image_name)
        return public_path('images/products/'.$image_name);
    public function converCustomFormatTimezone($date,$date_format){
		return \Carbon\Carbon::createFromFormat('Y-m-d H:i:s', $date)

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11) How to get last executed mysql query in laravel ?

Print Last Query In Laravel
You can use laravel DB::getQueryLog() method to get all an executed sql queries if you want to get last executed then use end() method.

Before printing sql query log you required to first of all the enable it by using simple DB::enableQueryLog() method as well as then you can get all executed sql queries using Last Query In Laravel.

Dd Last Query Laravel

public function querylog()
        $list = \DB::table("products")->get();
        $query = \DB::getQueryLog();

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12) How To Fix Class ‘App\Http\Controllers\Auth’ Not Found?

in Class ‘App\Http\Controllers\Auth’ not found Resolve Error for Go to YourCustomController after that add use Auth; at the top on the Controller Page.

Solution For “Class ‘App\Http\Controllers\Auth’ Not Found”

use Auth; 
// Illuminate\Support\Facades\Auth
//or try it
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Auth;

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13) How To Create Controller In Laravel Using Artisan Command?

Here, we will see how to create controller on laravel. You can simply make a controller by following bellow command:

Creating Controllers

first of all Open your CMD or terminal and type the simple PHP artisan command:


php artisan make:controller <controller-name> --plain

php artisan make:controller AssumeTestController

Create Controller In Laravel

14) How to Use orWhere in Laravel?

If you required to use sql or where query in laravel then you can use it. Laravel provide orWhere() clauses to use phpmyadmin run sql or query query. in or where() we just required to pass two argument one is Database column name as well as will be value.

You can see following the syntax on orWhere query in laravel:

orWhere(YourDBTableCoulumn_name, Value);

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15) Explain Facades in Laravel ?

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Cache;

Route::get('/cache', function () {
    return Cache::get('key');

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16) How to use group by in laravel eloquent?

I will give you list of examples of groupby colletion in laravel. so you can easily use it with your laravel 5/6/7 application. so let’s show bellow guide that will helps you lot.

So this PHP Laravel GROUP BY Statement is about a new feature in Laravel. But before we check that out, let’s show how it worked before. groupBy with by multiple, by collection, by raw, by relationship, by array and by sum are a method of the Collection class.

$results = Student::select('student', \DB::raw('COUNT(id) as salary'))

foreach ($results as $result) {
    echo $result->student . ': ' . $result->salary . '<br />';

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17) How To Use FindOrFail() Method in Laravel?

Sometimes you may wish to throw Not Found Exceptions if a particular row is not found. To do this, you may use the findOrFail method in Laravel findOrFail funcion with generates as well as Not Found Exceptions if particular record is not found.

$model = Customer::findOrFail(1);

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18) How to use whereDate with Between?

Also We learn About the wheredate between laravel query, subquery, greater than, get datetime, wheretime, whereBetween(), orWhereDate(), whereDate(), whereMonth(), whereDay() and whereYear() using eloquent join in database examples.

Let’s say you want to Date filter out entries created or registered_at today. You have a use a timestamp database Column registered_at, right? How do you filter the DATE only from that timestamp? seemingly, customize concept about it.

$q->whereDay('registered_at', '=', date('d'));
$q->whereMonth('registered_at', '=', date('m'));
$q->whereYear('registered_at', '=', date('Y'));

More About: Wheredate In Laravel

19) How To Create One To Many Relationship In Laravel?

I will Make a “articles” DB table and “notifications” DB table. both Database tables are connected with each other. now I will create one to many relationships with each other by using the laravel Eloquent Model. I will first of all make database migration, then model, get all the rows after that how to create rows also. So you can also display database table structure on folowing Example.

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Retrieve Records:
Article Records
$article = Article::find(1);
$notifications = $article->notifications;
notification Records
$notification = Notification::find(1);
$article = $notification->article;

Full Example: One To Many Relationship In Laravel

20) How to set and use global variable in Laravel?

you can set and get constants variable with class value, string value, Boolean Type value, date, integer value, array value and you can access for all controller, all views, all blade layouts files, middleware too in laravel 5/6/7 using config or class.

Create Global Config File

We need to simple make a global.php config file with constants define a variable value as well as you can also define any types of the string data, true or false, yes or no, integer value, array value like as bellow:

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return [
    'total_orders' => 10,
    'website_type' => ['eCommerce', 'Business', 'Entertainment', 'Portfolio', 'Media', 'Brochure'],

Use Global Variable

You can simply get & defing value using config() helper. you can see bellow example:

Route::get('get-website-type', function()

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21) What Does “Composer Dump-Autoload” Do?

Laravel composer dump-autoload

Whenever we run “composer dump-autoload”

Composer re-reads the composer.json file to build up the list of files to autoload.

Composer Autoload Laravel 5.5

$ php artisan clear-compiled 
$ composer dump-autoload
$ php artisan optimize

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22) How To Get Last Inserted Record In Laravel?

I have “products” DB table as well as i want to fetch the last row or DB record of “products” table. In simple example i use the Laravel function latest() with first() so latest() will fetch single latest row according to created_at after that first() will get single record:

$insertgetid_last = DB::table(‘bolly4u’)->latest()->first();
$insertgetid_last_example2 = DB::table(‘tamilrockers’)->orderBy(‘id’, ‘DESC’)->first();
$insertgetid_last_example_3 = DB::table(‘khatrimaza’)->latest(‘id’)->first();

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23) What is Lumen?

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/lumen blog

24) How To Solve Error Call To A Member Function ToArray() On Null?

I think this happens because $products is a collection of objects not an object like $shop. Check querying-relations in the Laravel main documentation the red area in the end of that section. That explains why $products[0]->toArray() works fine.

Also, you can fix the bug yourself.

$shop = \App\Shop::where('name','pakainfo')->first();
	$shop = $shop->toArray();
retrun $shop;

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25) How to use custom table in Laravel Modal ?

You can use custom table in Laravel by overriding protected $table property of Eloquent.

Below is sample uses

class Member extends Eloquent{
 protected $table="my_member_table";


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26) List types of relationships available in Laravel Eloquent?

Below are types of relationships supported by Laravel Eloquent ORM.

  • One To One
  • One To Many
  • One To Many (Inverse)
  • Many To Many
  • Has Many Through
  • Polymorphic Relations
  • Many To Many Polymorphic Relations

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27) How To Use Pluck() In Laravel 5/6/7?

it can get MySQL Database Table value column as well as key using pluckchunk method. Laravel pluckchunk method to returned Data collection single column or each a custom key column following simple Laravel example.

Example 1: Laravel Pluck Single Value

Now, simple example Database single column for the returned all the data Collection

 * Show the application dashboard.
 * @return \Illuminate\Contracts\Support\Renderable
public function index(){
   $player_ids = \DB::table('players')->pluck('id');

Laravel Output Print

    0 => 008
    1 => 524
    2 => 145

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28) Provide System requirements for installation of Laravel framework ?

In order to install Laravel, make sure your server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP >= 7.1.3
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension

29) List some Aggregates methods provided by query builder in Laravel ?

  • count()
  • max()
  • min()
  • avg()
  • sum()

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30) How to check request is ajax or not ?

In Laravel, we can use $request->ajax() method to check request is ajax or not.


      public function saveData(Request $request)
                return "Your Request is of Ajax Type";
            return "Your Request is of Http type";

31) Explain Inversion of Control, how to implement it.

Inversion of control is a design pattern that is used for decoupling components and layers of a system. Inversion of control(IOC) is implemented through injecting dependencies into a component when it is constructed.

32) What is Singleton design pattern?

Singleton design pattern is a creational pattern that is used whenever only one instance an object is needed to be created. In this pattern, you can’t initialize the class.

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33) Explain Dependency Injection and its types?

Dependency injection is way to pass one obeject dependencies to another object.It is a broader form of inversion of control (IOC).

There are basically 3 types of dependency injection:

  • constructor injection
  • setter injection
  • Interface injection

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34) What is Laravel Vapor?

It is a serverless deployment platform that is powered by AWS.Laravel Vapor provides on-demand auto-scaling with zero server maintenance.

35) What are pros and cons of using Laravel Framework?

Top benifits of laravel framework

-Setup and customization Laravel process is very easy way and very fast as compared data to others.
-Inbuilt Auth means Authentication System in php.
-Supports multiple file systems
-Supports model–view–controller (MVC)
-Pre-loaded packages

36) What is the Laravel Cursor?

The cursor method in the Laravel is used to iterate the database records using a cursor. It will only execute a single query through the records. This method is used to reduce the memory usage when processing through a large amount of data.

Example of Laravel Cursor

foreach (Product::where(‘name’, ‘tamilrokers’)->cursor() as $fname) {
//do some stuff

37) What is the use of dd() in Laravel?

Laravel provides 2 built-in Debugging techniques dd() and dump() for debugging. You can print these Debugging techniques on all the data collection instances. You can more read additional main official documentation for use a dump() and dd() Debugging techniques.

Dd Stands For Dump And Die

It is a PHP user define helper function which is help to dump print a main variable’s data contents to the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera browser as well as stop the more script run or execution. this means for Dump and Die.

$mp4moviez = MovieList::all();

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38) What is yield in Laravel?

In Laravel web application, @yield is principally used to define a section in a layout and is constantly used to get content from a child page unto a master page. therefor, when the Laravel performs blade file, it first verifies if you have extended a master layout, if you have extended one, then it moves to the master layout and commences getting the @sections.

39) How to clear Cache in Laravel?

List Of The Cache Clear Commands, See Following
Many times you face an issue that any changes or updation to the Laravel web application are not reflecting on web interfaces. This occurred due to the web application is being served by the cache. This Article will use you to clear the cache in the Laravel application.

  • Clear Route Cache
  • Clear Cache in Application
  • Clear Config Cache
  • Clear View Cache
  • Reoptimized Class
  • Clear Configuration Cache

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//Clear route cache Clear:
Route::get('/route-cache', function() {
$exitCode = Artisan::call('route:cache');
return 'Routes Cache is cleared';

//Clear config cache Clear:
Route::get('/config-cache', function() {
$exitCode = Artisan::call('config:cache');
return 'Config Cache is cleared';

// Clear application cache Clear:
Route::get('/clear-cache', function() {
$exitCode = Artisan::call('cache:clear');
return 'Application Cache is cleared';

// Clear view cache Clear:
Route::get('/view-clear', function() {
$exitCode = Artisan::call('view:clear');
return 'View Cache is cleared';

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40) What is Laravel nova?

There are the Following the List of Laravel Nova has a few requirements you should be aware of before installing: Since we want to work with the latest version of Laravel with Nova, i.e., v5.7, let us first have a look at the basic requirements:

It is no news that Laravel Nova is gaining immense popularity for its simplicity and robust features. Laravel Nova is a PHP framework. Like any other framework, it needs a developing environment.
Nova Minimum Requirements

  • Composer
  • Laravel Mix
  • Node.js & NPM
  • Laravel Framework 5.6+

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