How to delete tables from a database in mysql phpMyAdmin?

In this Article we will learn “mysql delete database” Database Export and Import using MySQL Database Table. I’ve opened MySQL Database Table as well as logged in in my MySQL database server using ‘root’ username and password.

In previous couple of articles we learned how to Create, Alter, Drop (PHP CRUD)Databases and Tables as well as also how to Insert, Read, Update, Delete data rows using MySQL Database Table. In this Article we will learn how to Export and Import the database using MySQL Database Table.




DROP DATABASE databasename;



MySQL Workbench Database Export and Import

First of all to Export the databases or tables, from top menu select ‘Server’ as well as ‘Data Export’ Option, which will open a new window of data export settings as well as options.

The left section on the window displays all the existing databases on our MySQL database server. When we select a database by clicking on it, it displays all the respected tables under the selected database.

We can select one or multiple database check-boxes to include the database in the Export file. We can also select individual or multiple tables from the left section of this window.

Lets select our ‘onlineshop’ database including all tables, and the ‘pakainfodb’ database which we created earlier in this section. In this drop-down setting, we can select ‘Dump Structure Only’, ‘Dump Data Only’ or ‘Dump Structure and Data’ option. The ‘Dump Structure Only’ option will save only the table structure.

That is database columns and data types defined by us.

While ‘Dump Data Only’ option will save only the inserted rows in the tables. Lets choose ‘Dump Structure and Data’ option to save both table structure as well as data rows in it.

Create and delete a MySQL database

Here, under ‘Export Options‘ section, You can change the default export path of you choice. I’ll keep the default single. Also, there are two radio buttons. By selecting first option that is ‘Export to Dump Project Folder’.

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MySQL Database Table will save the save all tables as separate SQL file under single directory. Which is helpful when you will be DB importing or restoring the export file step by step table. The second option ‘Export to Self-contained File’ will store all the databases and tables in a single SQL file. This is good option when you will be importing all the databases, tables as well as their data rows by using single SQL file.

I’ll export the database using both the method, so that you understand the difference. I’ll go ahead and quickly export the database using the first option ‘Export to Dump Project Folder’, Click this start export button which displays the progress bar and log.I’ll export the database using both the method, so that you understand the difference. I’ll go ahead as well as quickly export the database using the first option ‘Export to Dump Project Folder’, Click this start export button which displays the progress bar as well as log.

Now, I’ll go to the options again and this time export the database using ‘Export to Self-contained File’ option. Lets open the ‘Document folder’ to locate the export files. Under the dumps directory, we’ve single dump file which includes all the databases and tables as well as data rows, while in dump directory there are multiple SQL files which are individual tables.

How to Delete a MySQL Database?

Now lets learn how to import the database with tables using the MySQL Database Table. Go to top ‘Server’ menu and select ‘Data Import’ option, that loads ‘Data import’ window which is exactly opposite to the data export window. Here, you can either ‘Import from dump project directory’ or import by using a single ‘self-contained file’. After selecting ‘Import from Dump project directory’ option, I’ll select the dump project directory.

You click this ‘Load Folder Content’ button to display all the available databases in the ‘project directory’ To demonstrate the import first I’ll delete the existing ‘students’ table under ‘pakainfodb’ database. Display the database details by clicking on ‘i’ icon, as well as under ‘tables’ tab, select the table and right click to drop the table. Click ‘Drop Now’ confirmation window, click the refresh button and the table under ‘pakainfodb’ is deleted successfully.

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Now select this ‘pakainfodb’ option from ‘data import’ option and select the ‘students’ table. Choose ‘Dump Structure and Data’ option as well as click start import button to import the database and tables from the backup file. No again under schemas option, go to the ‘pakainfodb’ database detail as well as under tables tab click ‘refresh’ and you can see ‘students’ table is appeared again.

In this way we can export as well as import single database table or multiple tables using MySQL Database Table ‘Data Export’ and ‘Data Import’ option.

How to Display Data from MySQL Database into HTML Table using PHP (2020)

Hey Programmer today in this tutorial we will learn how to show data of database on a HTML Table using PHP we are going to make table like this where data in this table is filled by the data of database by using PHP coding here is a database which I have created on a previous video I have put the link of that video on a description to do this start with basic HTML format.

we are going to make a HTML table so that if you want to learn about HTML table then click on the i icon on the top-right corner of this video give a title table with database Now create a table and give heading for each column of table after that for this table data we have to connect it with database now start with php code for database connection where the server name is localhost MySQL username is root password is empty and database name is company if error occur during this connection then we show error message now assign a query on a sql variable.

we want to show id username password in a table so that select id username password from a table name login where id username and password are the heading on a database table and to execute this query we have to get this result we assign it on result variable to print a data in a table a database table must contain at least one row or query must extract at least one row then run a while loop until this condition remain true and I want to say that.

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we are going to execute one row in each loop so that start with tr first td for id closing tad second td for username again closing tag at last td for password and closing tag for td and tr if you have a question why tr td are quotes but row is not quotes then tr td are not php code but row is php code so that some of them are quotes and some of them are not then outside of the while loop we close table if this condition false this means there is zero row then we print zero result at last.

we close database connection lets see how its done to make its look better add some css code start with style copy it and paste it here save it and refresh to make this heading colorful add css code on th an to make zebra stripe on table use nth child on tr have a question there is comment section press like if you enjoy goodbye programmer.