How to Make a Redirect to page in PHP?

Question: how to redirect from one page to another in php? Redirection from old page to new page in PHP is frequently reached using the below two ways: Using Header Function in PHP: & Using JavaScript via PHP:

Answer: Use the PHP header() Function

You can easy to use the server side simple PHP header() methods to redirect a each user to a separate page.

The PHP source code in the bellow example will redirect the each user from the webpage or base path in which it is placed to the URL You can also specify access to respective web page URLs.also We share with you How to Open URL in New Tab using PHP.

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If you want to redirect the users from old webpage to a new webpage on a permanent basis then also mention HTTP response code in the PHP header() methods as display in the bellow simple example, therefor that Great Back Link to search engines transfer this great “page rank” from the old webpage URL to the new webpage.

// 301 Moved Permanently
header("Location:", true, 301);

If the get a status code is not specified direct, for force full instance header(“Location: URL”) defaults to error code like as 302 (Found). For set a temporary redirect PHP webpage use the HTTP status code 307.

How To Code a PHP Redirect – PHP Header Redirect

here Redirection in PHP source code can be done using server side simple helpful the header() function. To integration a simple new tab redirect, simply make a default an index.php file in the folders you wish to redirect HTML Users from with the below Data content:

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            < ?php header("Location:"); ?>

Where ‘’ is the URL you wish the users to be redirected too. This can also be a file, like so:

            <?php header("Location: adminpanel/storelits-google.php"); ?>

Files ro webpages can be of any type data webpage including but not limited to DOM HTML Source code, python, Laravel, php, cgi, Angularjs, perl, vuejs, and compiled or execute cgi any types of the simple programs.

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