php trim string length – How to Extract a Substring from a String?

php trim string length – Truncate a string to first n characters of a string and add three dots if any characters are removed

$user_line = substr($user_line,0,10).'...';

php trim string length

using substr() php, php trim string to length and print only some characters of a string in php.


php trim string to length

substr() php

echo substr('tamilrockers', 1);     
echo substr('tamilrockers', 1, 3);  
echo substr('tamilrockers', 0, 4);  
echo substr('tamilrockers', 0, 8);  
echo substr('tamilrockers', -1, 1); 

$user_line = 'tamilrockers';
echo $user_line[0];                
echo $user_line[3];               
echo $user_line[strlen($user_line)-1]; 


//substr() function returns certain bits of a string 

php trim string to length


echo substr('tamilrockers', 1);     
echo substr('tamilrockers', 1, 3); 
echo substr('tamilrockers', 0, 4);  
echo substr('tamilrockers', 0, 8);  
echo substr('tamilrockers', -1, 1); 

$user_line = 'tamilrockers';

php get first 5 characters of string

$result = substr("Welcome To free Download", 0, 5);

Php String Length

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php get first character of string

$firstuser_lineCharacter = substr("Welcome", 0, 1);

take last four digits php

$newuser_line = substr($dynamicuser_line, -7);

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