php try catch Block Exception Handling

Today, We want to share with you php try catch Block Exception Handling.In this post we will show you php catch all exceptions, hear for How to properly log exceptions in your PHP try catch blocks we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about The finally block always executes when the try catch block exits with an example.

php try catch Block Exception Handling

There are the Following The simple About How to view all PHP exceptions in one place Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop PHP Try Catch Example: Exception & Error Handling Tutorial, so the PHP 7 Exception Handling using try, catch and throw is used for this example is following below.

Simple PHP try catch example

try {
    // run source code here
catch (exception $e) {
    //code to some handle the exception
finally {
    //optional source code that always runs

PHP try catch with multiple exception types

try {
    // run some source code here
catch (Exception $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();
catch (InvalidArgumentException $e) {
    echo $e->getMessage();

Retry After an Exception in a PHP Try/Catch Block

Basic Exception structure for fetch when an exception is thrown in a try/catch block using PHP.

This PHP simple Exception example fails through four retries simply to illustrate the change behavior.

$tryCounter = 4;
for ($again = 0; $again < $tryCounter; $again++) {
    try {
        throw new \Exception('Some stuff Error Message');
    } catch (\Exception $e) {
        var_dump('your Script failed ' . $again);

Handling Multiple Exceptions in PHP

try {
    // calling your user define the function
catch (StudytonightException $e) {
    // do something error message or exception here...
catch (Exception $e) {
    echo "Oops! Some unexpected error occured...";

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