PIN Full Form – What Is The Full Form Of PIN?

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PIN Full Form. PIN is the abbreviation of Personal Identification Number. There are mainly two full forms of PIN, first in the field of postal and second in the field of technology. First we will talk about the full form of PIN made in the postal sector.

Often when we do any bank transaction online or offline, we are asked for PIN code, whether it is from ATM debit card or credit card, we have to enter PIN but do you know what is PIN, PIN full form, what is the full form and meaning of PIN, what is the use of PIN, what is post office PIN code, let us know in this post.

PIN Full Form

pin full form
pin full form
  • in Banking : Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • in Governmental » Standards : Postal Index Number

Security Measures:

  1. Hide PIN Entry
  2. Don’t reuse them
  3. Don’t write it anywhere
  4. Create Secure PIN

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Pin Code Full Form – Postal Index Number Code

The full form of PIN in the postal field is Postal Index Number (Postal Index Number), it is called Postal Index Number in Hindi.

It is a 6 digit number used in the postal sector, which is allotted to each region of India and each post office in India has a different postal index number.

Regional PIN was introduced in India on 15 August 1972 and was started by Shriram Bhikaji Velankar who was then Additional Secretary of the Union Ministry of Communication.

You must know that the Indian Postal Service comes under the Union Ministry of Communication ie the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

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Postal Index Number is a 6 digit number in which the first digit defines the area.

All the states of India are divided into 09 postal index number zones, out of which 01 to 08 have been allocated to the regional parts of India in which the areas of all the states are covered and the 9th zone is called functional zone which is the Indian Reserved for the army.

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In this postal index of number 06, the second digit defines the sub-region, the third digit defines the district and the last three digits define the post office number.

For example, if the first digit of the postal PIN is 1 then it will mean that the post office will be stationed in Delhi, Haryana or Punjab as all these three areas come under Zone 01.

On the lines of this, further states and regions are identified according to the numbers.

The postal index number was introduced because the postman had difficulty in identifying the post office as there are many places in India that have the same name, due to which there were many difficulties in identifying them.

Apart from this, many times people used to make mistakes while writing the address or did not write the address in clear words, due to which there were problems in getting the letter to its place.

Therefore, each region was assigned a unique PIN (PIN), after which it could be identified with the help of the postal index number even if there was a minor mistake in the address or the same name was written in two different places.

After this it became easy and simple to deliver the letter to the designated address.

  • Now know what is the full form of PIN in the field of technology. In the field of technology, the full form of PIN is Personnel Identification Number (Personal Identification Number), it is called Personal Identification Number.
  • It acts as a key to a digital lock and is also known colloquially as a PIN number or password.
  • The term PIN is most commonly used for a four-digit number designed to secure an ATM (debit) card, which each individual decides individually at his/her discretion and enters his/her PIN number when required.
  • Tax shows his personal identity and withdraws his money from the bank.
  • Apart from this, the security number entered in the smartphone is also called PIN. It is not necessary that only counting numbers can be written in the PIN (Password) but English letters can also be included in it.
  • Personal Identification Number is used to lock any digital device whether it is a smartphone, ATM or transactions done over the Internet.
  • PIN generation was first introduced in the year 1962 for ATMs. Which started in Barclays, London.
  • It is worth knowing about Personal Identification Number that its this number should be used to open the digital lock in one go otherwise if wrong PIN is used twice or thrice then your ATM card, smart phone or internet transactions will be blocked. can be done.
  • Due to this property of the PIN number, the security of digital devices proves to be effective.
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Short form Full form

  • PIN :- Personal Identification number
  • PUK:-Personal unlocking key
  • SIM:-Subscriber identity module
  • PDF:-portable document format

Other PIN Full Form

The term PIN has many full form, but out of which most relevant

PIN Full Form is – Personal Identification Number

Other PIN Full Forms are explained below:

Full Form Category Term
Personal Identification Number Computing PIN
Postal Index Number Indian Government PIN
T.30 procedural interupt negative Computer and Networking PIN
Plant Information Network Networking PIN
Game Data (epic Pinball) File Type PIN
Project Identification Number Softwares PIN
Positive Intrinsic Negative Electronics PIN
Parintins Airport Code PIN
Personnel Increment Number Military and Defence PIN
Plan Identification Number Military and Defence PIN
Personnel Item Number Military and Defence PIN

Postal Number Others Name :

  1. Postal code / postal number
  2. PIN number / PIN code
  3. ZIP code
  4. Area code

Postal Code is how many digit number?

  • Friends, I hope that this question will not be there in anyone, because everyone has got to know about the PIN code of their area.
  • Friends, there is a separate unique postal code for each area and it is a 6 digit number.

Why is there a postal code for each area?

By tracking any area through the area code, it is found very easily. Through the area code, we can find where the post office is located.

What is the full form of a pin?
Personal Identification Number.

When was the Postal Pin Code started?

  • Friends, since when did this postal code start, many people do not know about it, but friends, everyone should know about the beginning of the postal code.
  • Friends, this postal pin code was started on 5 August 1972, o in today’s time there is a separate unique PIN code for all post offices.

What are the different types of pins?

  1. Clevis Pins.
  2. Cotter Pins.
  3. Dowel Pins.
  4. Grooved Pins.
  5. Hitch Pins.
  6. Lynch Pins.
  7. Pin Assortments.
  8. Safety Pins.
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Who proposed ATM PIN number?
John Shepherd-Barron

40 PIN Full-Form List

  1. PIN: Providing Independence for Neighborhood Seniors
  2. PIN: Pacific Island network
  3. PIN: Pan Information And Networking Services
  4. PIN: Parents In the Know
  5. PIN: Partido Integración Nacional
  6. PIN: Peace Initiative Network
  7. PIN: People In Need
  8. PIN: People in Need
  9. PIN: Person In Need Of Supervision
  10. PIN: Personal Interactive Navigation
  11. PIN: Personal Interface For Navigational Systems
  12. PIN: Philippine Institute for Naturopathic Sciences
  13. PIN: Plan Identification Number
  14. PIN: Plan International, Nepal
  15. PIN: Plant Information Network
  16. PIN: Plant Information Network
  17. PIN: Police Information Net for Scotland
  18. PIN: Police Information Notice
  19. PIN: Portable Isotopic Neutron Spectroscopy
  20. PIN: Positive Intrinsic Negative
  21. PIN: Positive-Intrinsic-Negative
  22. PIN: Postal Index Number
  23. PIN: Posterior Interosseous Nerve
  24. PIN: Preferences Interests Needs and Strengths
  25. PIN: Press Information Notice
  26. PIN: Primary Interactive Network Sites
  27. PIN: Prior Information Notice
  28. PIN: Procedural Interupt Negative
  29. PIN: Process Identification Number
  30. PIN: Product Identification Number
  31. PIN: Progressive Inflammatory Neuropathy
  32. PIN: Project Identification Number
  33. PIN: Project Identification Number
  34. PIN: Project Initiation Notification System
  35. PIN: Prostate Intraepithelial Neoplasia
  36. PIN: Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia
  37. PIN: Provider Identification Number
  38. PIN: Publication Identification Number
  39. PIN: personnel increment number
  40. PIN: positive intrinsic negative diode

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