What is POA Full Form And Meaning, Stands for & Definition?

poa full form : – Hell guy’s, here we are going to know what is the full form of this POA and along with this all of you are welcome on pakainfo.com website.

Many people get confused on seeing the word POA and those people want to know about this POA full name.

This POA word is mostly used in Education and Documents, due to which many people want to know about Full form of POA in Education and POA full form in Documents and also to know about full form of POA in Aadhar card. want | What I want to say here, I might not be able to understand, but continue reading this article so that you will be able to get a better idea about the POA full form name and also many basic information related to POA and Aadhar card.

Guy’s, if you really want to know about POA long form, then this article can be very beneficial for you because here you will get to know many other basic information related to POA full form, which every Somebody should know

POA Full Form – What is the full form of POA?

I know very well that in today’s time everyone has aadhar card and this POA word is also most used in aadhar card due to which everyone should know about POA full form.

poa full form
poa full form

So let’s know what is the full form of POA!

POA Full Form In Aadhar Card :-

  • P :- Proof
  • O :- Of
  • A :- Address

Guy’s, the full form of POA is :- “Proof Of Address” & The full form of POA is Power of Attorney.

POA full form :- “Proof of Address”

POA Meaning?

When we fill-up any form, we often see POA written there which means

“Proof of Address”.

Guy’s, the full form of POA is according to different categories and there are many more, about which we know.

POA Full Form In Education?

According to the education category, the full form of POA is “Program of Action”.

POA Full Form In Documents?

According to the documents category, the full form of POA is “Proof of Address” but in many such places it has “Power of Attorney” in its place.

Power Of Attorney (POA) Meaning?

Guy’s, here we are going to know what is the meaning of this POA!

Guy’s, this POA is a legal document in which a person assigns another person to act as an agent on his behalf. Let’s say you have a work that you have to do yourself, but through this legal document (power of attorney), you can put another person on your work.

“Power of Attorney” is used on many categories such as :-

  • POA full form in banking
  • POA full form in Medical

Guy’s, the full form of both of them is also the same bean (power of attorney).

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What Is POA Stand For Business?

According to the business (business), its full form is “Price of Applications”.

POA full form slang :- Piece of Ass

Here, according to the different categories, the full form of POA has been told, out of which most people want to know about the full form of POA in Aadhar card.

Guy’s, here the Aadhar card has been known according to the address proof, but apart from this, there are many other identities which are used as address proof.

All Identity used for Proof of Address (POA) :-

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Arms License
  3. Current passbook of Post Office
  4. Driving License
  5. Electricity Bill of Govt./private company (Guy’s, let us tell here that bills older than 3 months are not allowed.)
  6. Freedom fighter card with photo & address
  7. Kissan Passbook with photo & address
  8. Passport
  9. Ration Card
  10. Smart card
  11. Surrender ID Card (BLT etc.)
  12. Telephone Bill of a fixed line. (Any Service Provider)
  13. Vehicle Registration Certificate
  14. Voter ID Card
  15. Water Bill (Water bill should be with your address)

Guy’s, to proof your address, you must have any identity given here, but in today’s time, Aadhar card is being used the most in all these places and I hope you also have Aadhar. The card will definitely be there.

All Full Forms of POA

Below is the complete list of Full Form of POA.

Sr. No. Term Category POA Full Forms
1 POA Military Pacific Ocean Areas
2 POA Athletics Pakistan Olympic Association
3 POA Cell Palmitoleic Acid
4 POA Medical Pancreatic Oncofetal Antigen
5 POA Manufacturing Parallel Operations Automation
6 POA Manufacturing Part Of Assembly
7 POA Medical Partial Order Alignment
8 POA Voluntary Organization Partners Of the Americas
9 POA Patents & Trademarks Patent Of Arms
10 POA Pinball Path of Adventure
11 POA Technology Payment on Account
12 POA Law Enforcement Peace Officers’ Association
13 POA Companies or Organizations Peachtree Office Accounting
14 POA Pharmaceutical Pennsylvania Optometric Association
15 POA Medical Piedmont Oncology Association
16 POA Pharmaceutical Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates
17 POA Educational Pillar Of Autumn
18 POA Automotive Pilot Operated Absolute
19 POA Bowling Pins Over Average
20 POA Logistics Place of Acceptance
21 POA Pharmaceutical Place Of Articulation
22 POA Military Plan of Action
23 POA Aircraft & Aviation Plan On going by Air
24 POA Spanish Plan Operativo Anual
25 POA Biology Poaceae
26 POA Business Point Of Access
27 POA Shooting Point Of Aim
28 POA Stormwater Point of Analysis
29 POA Shipping & Sailing Point Of Arrival
30 POA Army Point Of Attack
31 POA Marketing Point of Order Acceptance
32 POA Authorities Points Of Authority
33 POA Police Force Police Force Officers Association
34 POA Design Police Officers Association
35 POA Companies or Organizations Ponies Of America
36 POA Animals Pony of america
37 POA America Pony of the Americas
38 POA Transportation Port Of Anchorage
39 POA Technology Portable Object Adapter
40 POA Airline Portuguese Army
41 POA Society Potheads of America
42 POA Local – Airport Codes Poto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
43 POA International Business Power of Attorney
44 POA Juridical Power Of Attorneys
45 POA Aircraft & Aviation Power Optimised Aircraft
46 POA Community Power-On Authentication
47 POA Juridical Powers Of Attorney
48 POA Church Pray Over All
49 POA Fertility Premature Ovarian Aging
50 POA Medical Preoptic Area
51 POA Neuroscience Preoptic Area Of The Hypothalamus
52 POA Hospital Present On Admission
53 POA Accounting Previous Outstanding Amount
54 POA Business Price On Application
55 POA Accounting Price On Availability
56 POA Medical Primary Optic Atrophy
57 POA Educational Primary Organic Aerosol
58 POA Accounting Principles of Accounts
59 POA FDA Administration Privately Owned Automobile
60 POA Information Technology Prizoner Of Axkaban
61 POA Technology Production Organisation Approval
62 POA Business Profit on Ordinary Activities
63 POA Educational Program Of Activities
64 POA Para Programa Operativo Anual
65 POA Management Proof Of Activity
66 POA Governmental Proof Of Address
67 POA Advertising Proof Of Advertising
68 POA Credit Proof of Assets
69 POA Authorities Proof Of Authority
70 POA Real Estate Prop Owners Assoc
71 POA Associations Property Owners’ Association
72 POA Animals Protectors Of Animals
73 POA Associations Protocol Officers Association
74 POA Juridical Provincial Offences Act
75 POA Technology Provisional Operating Authorization
76 POA US Government Purchase Order Agreement
77 POA Medical Pyrazinoic Acid
78 POA Airport Code Salgado Filho International Airport
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Conclusions ::- (POA Full Form In Aadhar Card? What is the full form of PoA?)

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