Power Bank App Real or Fake : New Paytm Cash Earning App 2023

Know whether Power Bank App is real or not! Complete Information : Power Bank App Review – Hello friends, welcome to our official website pakainfo.com. Friends, for a long time we were getting comments about Power Bank App. People want to know whether this app is real or not. So friends, if you also want to know about this app, then this post is going to be very beneficial for you. So friends know about Power Bank App.

Friends, if you really want to know about Power Bank App or website, definitely read this post till the last. Your feedback will help many people who do not know about burse. So friends, first of all know about the burse app, then you will know whether that app is real or not.

What is Power Bank App?

You must have heard about Power Bank App in your friends or any advertisement which claims that you can earn thousands of rupees a day by depositing some money in that app and working in that app.

That app claims that you deposit money on that app and then complete its daily tasks, after which you can earn thousands of rupees daily. So friends now know whether Power Bank App is real or fake.

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Note: – We do not recommend that app or website to our readers, because there is a lot of possibility of cheating in it.

Power Bank App
Power Bank App

Power Bank App Invite/Referral Offer :

Power Bank Invite Code 537469182
Daily Earning β‚Ή11 In Bank
Download Link Download Here
Plans From β‚Ή200
Hourly Income β‚Ή0.57

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Is Power Bank App Real or Fake?

Friends, when we came to know about that app, we reviewed that app and found that that app is completely unsafe.

There are many reasons for it to be unsafe, such as that app is not made properly, all the information about the work being done in that app is not available, complete information about its owner has not been given etc. Friends, we will not recommend that app to you at all because there is every possibility of cheating with you.

Friends, we tell you the flaws we have found in that app.

  • The complete details of the work that is being done in Power Bank App is not mentioned in that App.
  • Friends, that app and website has been created in 2021, it is only 2 months old website, so there is a possibility of cheating in it.
  • Power Bank app gives very attractive plans, which is not good at all. Because no website can just give you thousands of rupees for clicking.
  • If you want to contact the developer of Power Bank App, then it is not possible to do so because Power Bank App has not given the information of its developer or owner.
  • When we reviewed the Power Bank Earning App, we did not find any registration details in it. Hence it calls into question its existence.
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Similar App (Power Bank App)

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So friends, according to our review, Power Bank App is not safe at all, so we will not ask you to add money to that app at all.

Power Bank App Plans (New) :

Power Bank Plan Name Power Bank Plan Rate Hourly Earning
Fast Power Bank 200 0.47
6 doors of charging cabinet 300 0.4
12 doors of charging cabinet 600 1.45
Speed Power 1500 3.13
24 doors of charging cabinet 3000 6.25
36 doors of charging cabinet 6000 12.5
48 doors of charging cabinet 15000 30
Airport Dedicated Cabinet 45000 93.75
Power Bank Pro 300000 735