pwd full form – What is the full form of PWD? – Full form of PWD, What does PWD stand for ?

PWD Full Form : What is PWD and what are its functions. – PWD is a Govt. of India department.

In this article, i am going to tell about what is PWD Full Form and who is called PWD and what are its functions so that you can get complete information about PWD.

Often i all hear and learn the name of PWD in many different places, if you read the newspaper or any google advertisement or watch the news, then you often get to hear this type of name there but you have to be aware of its full name. It is also very important.

The full form of PWD is the Public Works Department.

In whatever city you live, there will definitely be some PWD office and you will have information about their work etc.

In such a situation, this type of information is very useful.

PWD Full Form in Government

Before telling about what is PWD, we are telling you about what is its full name so that you can know its name.


It is also called Public Works Department, it is a government department and its main work is to do work like road construction, building construction, construction of bridge etc.

PWD stands for Public Works Department.

PWD works at the state level.

PWD provides pure water to the city and if the water pipe bursts somewhere in the city, then repairs etc.

have to be done and renovation or Safety of Roads, Flyovers, Highways and schools, hospitals, buildings etc., and renovation work has to be done.

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what is pwd?

PWD is a full government one type of the organization that works under the state full government as well as there are different offices of PWD in each city and country, which do the work of water, building Build Disaster Resistant, building repairing and renovation etc.

If there is any building work related to the public, then it is done by them only, in which small site and big side works ranging from pipeline work to building of full government hospital or building of school, collage etc.

PWD full form In Hindi- सार्वजनिक कार्य विभाग

Functions of PWD – Public Works Department (PWD)

The Work of PWD can be divided into four categories:

There are many works of PWD, such as repairing of Safety of Roads, Highways, buildings, Development, Flyovers, water facilities, school, collage hospitals etc. under the government, etc.

  1. drinking water system
  2. government building
  3. road construction
  4. building bridges

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road construction

  • Construction
  • Development
  • Flyovers
  • Highways
  • Safety of Roads


  • Maintenance of Bridge
  • Maintenance of Government Buildings

1. Providing drinking water

  • many times, there is a problem face of these issues of water in villages or cities, many times public do not even have drinking water, therefor it is their job to arrange water for the public.
  • Also Providing drinking water in all the areas of the city or any sco. as well as if the water pipeline bursts at any more new or old place in the city, then it is the work of PWD to renovation it etc.

2. Government building

  • It is the work of PWD to construct a government building in the city and renovation of government building etc.
  • They also do the work of main road, starting school, collage and hospital etc.
  • If any hospital or collage or schools etc.
  • It is being build or any old all of the government building is being build then all those works come under PWD.

3. Road building Construction

  • You will fact issue to see this small and big problem everywhere that there are many broken Safety of Roads, Highways also sco, street, choak in villages and cities, due to which many people or public have to face many problems due to this.
  • The main task of pwd is to construct a new road in the city and if the road breaks down at some point, then it is repaired and renovation.

4. Construction of Bridges

  • this is a main task is to build bridges as per the requirement as well as renovation the bridge in case of accident at some place.
  • All these works come under the purview of pwd as well as apart from this there are many other different works which they have to do but i have told you that they are their main works about which you need to be aware.

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Abbreviation of PWD:

  1. People With Diabetes
  2. People With Disability
  3. Peoria Web Design
  4. Present Working Directory
  5. Print Working Directory
  6. Programmed Warhead Detonation
  7. Psychological Warfare Division
  8. Pulse Width Deviation

PWD Full Form – Public Works Department

Full Form Category Term
Public Works Department Indian Government PWD
Password (T.30) Computer and Networking PWD
Path of Working Directory Networking PWD
Password Networking PWD
Present Working Directory Networking PWD
Microsoft Pocket Word Text Document File Type PWD
Pulse Width Deviation Electronics PWD
Plentywood (mt) Airport Code PWD
Pro Wrestling Daily Sports PWD
Programmed Warhead Detonation Military and Defence PWD

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What is the full form of PWD?

Other full form of PWD

PWD: Public Works Department

pwd full form – Cyber & Security

  • Password

pwd full form – Business

  • Professional Web Design
  • Peoria Web Design

pwd full form – Governmental

  • Prevailing Wage Determination
  • People With Disabilities

pwd full form – Computing

  • Microsoft Pocket Word text document
  • Pass With Deviation
  • Path of Working Directory
  • Print Work Directory
  • Print Working Directory

pwd full form – Networking

  • Present Working Directory

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pwd full form – Medical

  • People with Diabetes
  • Performers With Disabilities
  • Person With Disabilities
  • Person With Disability
  • Persons With Disabilities

pwd full form – Wrestling

  • Pro Wrestling Daily

pwd full form – Miscellaneous

  • Paint With Diamonds
  • Philadelphia Water Department
  • Please Wait Department
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Portuguese Water Dogs
  • Powder What does
  • Power Weighted Densities
  • Procurement Work Directive
  • Public Works Datum
  • Public Works Division

pwd full form – Unclassified

  • Pac West Distributing
  • People With Disable
  • Pressure While Drilling
  • Print The Working Directory
  • Psych Ward Druggies

pwd full form – Military

  • Programmed Warhead Detonation

pwd full form – Electronics

  • Pulse Width Deviation

pwd full form – Community

  • Portland Water District

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In this article, i have tried to give you information about what is PWD Full Form and what are the functions of PWD, i hope that you must have liked the information given by us,

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