Python armstrong Number Program

Today, We want to share with you armstrong number in python.In this post we will show you list of armstrong numbers, hear for python program to find armstrong number in an interval we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Program In Php with an example.

Python Program to Check Armstrong Number

Example armstrong number in python

num = input("Eneter your any selected Number: ") // 153

num = int(num)

total = 0

flag = num

while flag > 0:
    digit = flag % 10
    total += digit ** 3
    flag //= 10

if num == total :
    print("It is a confirm Armstrong Number")
    print("It is a confirm not Armstrong Number")   

Final Results

It is a confirm Armstrong Number

I hope you get an idea about 3 OR 4 digit armstrongs number.
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