Python reverse a string Program

Today, We want to share with you reverse a string in python.In this post we will show you write a python program to reverses a string from user input?, hear for How to reverse a string in Python? we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about How To Implement Leap Year Program in python? with an example.

Reverse string in Python (3 different ways)

Example reverse a string in python

my_data_desc = "welcome to our paython tutorials" [::-1]

#using Simple function

def getReverseData(str):
    return str[::-1]

result = getReverseData("welcome to our paython tutorials")

#using reversed

def getReverseData1(string):
    string = "".join(reversed(string))
    return string

result1 = getReverseData1("welcome to our paython tutorials")

#using Len
def getReverseData2(s):
    if len(s) == 0:
        return s
        return getReverseData2(s[1:]) + s[0]

result2 = getReverseData2("welcome to our paython tutorials")

Final Results

slairotut nohtyap ruo ot emoclew
slairotut nohtyap ruo ot emoclew
slairotut nohtyap ruo ot emoclew
slairotut nohtyap ruo ot emoclew

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