queue applications

Today, We want to share with you queue applications.In this post we will show you queue definition, hear for queue meaning, stacks, c++ stack and stack c++ we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about stack and queue in Web application with an example.

queue applications

There are the Following The simple About how to use a distribued queue between two applications? Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop applications of priority queue, so the applications of queue in data structures is used for this example is following below.

queue applications

Real world applications

  1. in bank, Cashier line any Bank
  2. Waitting on hold for teach Support
  3. customers on an escalator.
  4. Lats step to Exist(Checkout) at any Bank
Queue and Applications of Queue in Data Structure
Queue and Applications of Queue in Data Structure

What is a Queue Applications Data Structure?

What is a Queue?

Queue is also an abstract all the data type or a based on a linear data advance level structure, such as a stack Based on data structure, in which the simple defintaion of the first item is inserted from one end stands the REAR(also stands tail), as well as the deleted of check exist or not if exist then item takes place from the second way place to end stands as FRONT(also stands head).

What is an Enqueue?

The some step by step process included to add an item into queue is stands as a Enqueue

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what is Dequeue?

the some phase by phase process of deleted of an item from queue is stands Dequeue.

Applications of Queue Data Structure

Queue is used when things don’t have to be handle immediately, but have to be managed in First In First Out order like Breadth First Search. This all the property of Queue created it also cery useful in following kind of phases or cases.

  1. When a resource is freadding among one two or more consumers. we will Explaing basic way to include CPU task scheduling as well as Disk Scheduling.
  2. When some more data is transferred based on the asynchronously (containts data not required to fetch or received at same way or rate as sent) between multiple processes. we will Explaing basic include IO Buffers, pipes, file IO, etc.
queue applications
queue applications

Complexity some Analysis of Queue Operations

Simple such as a Stack, in phase of a apps of the Queue too much, I knowladge smart work to confirm, on which ranking new added item will be included as well as from where some of an item will be deleted, hence all the these operations must requires a single phase.

  • phase 1: Enqueue: O(1)
  • phase 2: Dequeue: O(1)
  • phase 3: Size: O(1)

The some step by step process included to add an item into queue is stands as a Enqueue, and the some phase by phase process of deleted of an item from queue is stands Dequeue.

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Algorithm for DEQUEUE operation – queue applications

Below Example is written in C++ Programming language


using namespace std;

#define SIZE 10

class Queue
    int parm[SIZE];
    int tmpsbase;   
    int taskbase;
        tmpsbase = taskbase = -1;
    void enqueue(int x);     
    int dequeue();
    void display();

void Queue :: enqueue(int x)
    if(taskbase == -1) {
    if( tmpsbase == SIZE-1)
        cout << "Queue is full";
        parm[++tmpsbase] = x;

int Queue :: dequeue()
    return parm[++taskbase];  

void Queue :: display()
    int i;
    for( i = taskbase; i <= tmpsbase; i++)
        cout << parm[i] << endl;

// the main Simple function
int main()
    Queue qdatralg;
    return 0;

need to change the dequeue method

return parm[0];    //returning simple here first items
for (i = 0; i < tail-1; i++)    //shifting all other items
    parm[i] = parm[i+1];

Web References:

I will refer to this Website Link http://introcs.cs.princeton.edu/43stack/

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