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When and why Rakshabandhan is celebrated, History, Story, How to make Raksha Bandhan

Rakshabandhan is an important festival of Hindus, which is celebrated in many parts of India.

Apart from India, where people of Hindu religion live all over the world, this festival is celebrated between brothers and sisters.

This festival has spiritual significance as well as historical importance.

raksha bandhan



story on rakshabandhan

There are some mythological stories related to Rakshabandhan. These stories are being described below.

Myths related to Indradev:

  1. According to the Bhavishya Purana, Lord Indra was defeated by an Asura king, King Bali, in a battle between the demons and the gods.
  2. At this time Indra’s wife Sachi sought help from Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu made Sachi into a ring to be worn in one hand with cotton thread. Lord Vishnu called this ring as the sacred ring.
  3. Sachi tied this thread on Indra’s wrist and wished for Indra’s safety and success. After this, Indra succeeded in defeating the demon named Bali in the next war and again took control of Amaravati.
  4. From here the circulation of this sacred thread started. After this, women used to tie this thread to their husbands before going to war.
  5. In this way, this festival was not limited to just brothers and sisters.

King Bali and Mother Lakshmi:

  1. Based on the Bhagavata Purana and Vishnu Purana, it is believed that when Lord Vishnu defeated King Bali and captured the three worlds, Bali requested Lord Vishnu to stay in his palace.
  2. Lord Vishnu accepted this request. However, Lord Vishnu’s wife Lakshmi did not like the friendship of Lord Vishnu and Bali, so she decided to go to Vaikuntha with Lord Vishnu.
  3. After this, Mother Lakshmi made Bali a brother by tying a thread of protection.
  4. On this Bali asked Lakshmi to ask for the desired gift.
  5. On this, Mother Lakshmi asked King Bali to free Lord Vishnu from the promise that Lord Vishnu would stay in his palace.
  6. Bali accepted this and also accepted Mother Lakshmi as his sister.

Myths related to Santoshi Maa:

  1. Lord Vishnu had two sons, auspicious and profit.
  2. These two brothers used to miss a sister very much, because without a sister they could not celebrate Rakshabandhan. Both these brothers demanded a sister from Lord Ganesha.
  3. After some time Lord Narada also told Ganesha about the daughter. Lord Ganesha agreed on this and he wished for a daughter.
  4. Mother Santoshi emerged from the divine light of Lord Ganesha’s two wives, Riddhi and Siddhi.
  5. After this, Maa could celebrate Rakshabandhan with auspicious benefits with Santoshi.

Myths related to Krishna and Draupadi:

  1. During the Mahabharata war, Draupadi had tied a rakhi on Krishna’s hand to protect him.
  2. During this war, Kunti also tied a rakhi on the wrist of her grandson Abhimanyu for protection.
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Myths related to Yama and Yamuna:

  1. According to another mythological story, when Yama, the god of death, did not visit his sister Yamuna for 12 years, Yamuna became sad and talked to Mother Ganga about it.
  2. Ganga carried this information to Yama that Yamuna was waiting for him. On this Yama came to meet Yumna.
  3. Seeing Yama, Yamuna became very happy and prepared various dishes for her.
  4. Yama was very happy with this and told Yamuna that she could ask for any boon she wanted.
  5. On this Yamuna asked him for this boon that Yama should come again to his sister soon.
  6. Yama became infatuated with his sister’s love and affection and gave Yamuna the boon of immortality.
  7. This love of brother and sister is also remembered with reference to Raksha Bandhan.

When is Rakshabandhan in 2021 what is the auspicious time?

when is raksha bandhan in 2021?

raksha bandhan date : Sunday, 22 August (Raksha Bandhan 2021 in Gujarat)

When is the festival of Rakshabandhan 22 August 202 1
Day Last Monday of Sawan
Shubh Muhurta for tying Rakhi 9:27 am to 9:11 pm
Total Duration 11 Hours 43 Minutes
Raksha Bandhan Aparah Muhurta From 1:45 PM 5:23
Raksha Bandhan Pradosh Muhurta 7:01 pm to 21:11

Why is Rakshabandhan celebrated?

Raksha bandhan Importance

Rakshabandhan is a festival celebrated between brothers and sisters.

On this day sisters tie a thread of protection to their brothers and brothers promise to protect their sisters for the rest of their lives.

On this festival, all the brothers and sisters together get blessings by worshiping God etc.

raksha bandhan history

Raksha bandhan History : Rakshabandhan has been of great importance in world history too. Some important events related to Rakshabandhan are being described below.

Sikandar and King Puru:

According to a great historical event, when Alexander entered India in 326 BC, Alexander’s wife Roshanak sent a rakhi to King Porus and took a promise from him not to attack Alexander with a deadly attack.

According to tradition, when King Porus of Kaikeya saw the Rakhi tied on his wrist in the battlefield, he did not personally attack Alexander.

Rani Karnavati and Humayun:

According to another historical legend, Rani Karnavati is related to the Mughal ruler Humayun.

In this incident around 1535, when the queen of Chittor felt that her kingdom could not be saved from Sultan Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, she sent a rakhi to Humayun, who was earlier an enemy of Chittor, and as a sister asked for help.

Although many big historians do not agree with this, while some people talk of Hindu-Muslim unity in the past by quoting this Rakhi incident.

Bhang of 1905 and Rabindranath Tagore:

At the time when the British were adopting the policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ to maintain their power in India, at that time Rabindranath Tagore celebrated the festival of Rakshabandhan for unity among the people.

In the year 1905, in view of the unity of Bengal, the British government kept trying to divide Bengal and create communal divide between Hindus and Muslims.

At this time, Rabindranath Tagore started celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan in Bengal and to maintain Hindu-Muslim unity and to give the message of unity across the country.

History of Sikhs:

During the 18th century, Arvind Singh of the Sikh Khalsa Army introduced a practice called Rakhi, according to which Sikh farmers used to give a small part of their produce to the Muslim Army and in return the Muslim Army did not attack them.

Maharani Jindan, wife of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, who founded the Sikh Empire, once sent a Rakhi to the King of Nepal. Although the King of Nepal accepted his Rakhi, but refused to give it to the Hindu kingdom of Nepal.

raksha bandhan essay

Raksha Bandhan Essay : The festival of Raksha Bandhan is a very important festival according to Hindu beliefs.This festival is basically dedicated to brother and sister. Short essays related to this festival like ’10 line essay on Raksha Bandhan’ are asked in school. That’s why today we have brought ’10 lines about raksha bandhan’ for you.

  • Raksha Bandhan is the main festival of Hindus.
  • Rakshabandhan is also known as the festival of Rakhi.
  • It is the festival of brothers and sisters.
  • This festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the month of Sawan.
  • On this day sisters tie rakhi to their brother, and brother promises to protect his sisters.
  • Many dishes are prepared in homes on this day.
  • On this day people wear new clothes.
  • Brothers also give gifts to sisters on this day.
  • A month in advance, beautiful rakhis start selling in the markets.
  • This festival is also celebrated in India and abroad.
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How is Rakshabandhan celebrated or how to celebrate?

  • If it is to be celebrated in the real sense, then first of all the transactional behavior should be ended.
  • Also, sisters should teach their brothers to respect each and every woman.
  • It is necessary that the practical knowledge and tradition increase only then the society will be able to get away from such dirty crimes.
  • Celebrating this festival of Rakshabandhan is in the hands of all of us and today’s youth need to take the first step in this direction.
  • Don’t make it a business and let it be a festival.
  • It is right to help your sister according to the need, but the sister also needs to think that love does not depend on gifts or money.
  • When this festival comes over all of them, its beauty will shine even more.
  • In many places, the wife ties Rakhi to her husband. The husband promises to protect his wife.
  • In the true sense, this festival has been created to increase the feeling of protection towards women.
  • The position of women in the society is very serious because this festival is moving away from its original existence.
  • It is necessary to understand the true meaning of this festival and explain it to all the people around you.
  • Get your children out of this transaction and explain the tradition of this festival, then only then will this festival attain its historical origin.
  • In this country of festivals, Rakshabandhan is the festival of brother and sister love which is being celebrated for centuries.
  • Rakshabandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of Shravan month.
  • In this, sister ties Rakhi to her brother and brother promises to protect her and sister prays for brother’s long life.
  • This relationship of love and harmony strengthens this sacred bond even more.

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