Ramghat Chitrakoot Boating, Evening Aarti Timings, How To Reach? – best time to visit chitrakoot

Ramghat is a beautiful ghat built on the banks of the Mandakini river in Chitrakoot. You will find many temples to see on the banks of this ghat. This temple is ancient.

Ramghat is very well built and completely paved. You can also enjoy a boat ride in Ram ghat. Here you get to see colorful boats, in which rabbits are also kept, which are liked by tourists.

There are many temples on both sides of Ramghat. You can take a bath in the Mandakini river flowing in Ram ghat. The water of Mandakini river remains very cold.

Ramghat Chitrakoot – Boating, Evening Aarti Timings

ramghat chitrakoot
ramghat chitrakoot

About Ramghat Mandakini River Aarti, Chitrakoot

Ramghat is called Ram ghat because Shri Ram had come to Chitrakoot during the exile period and took bath at this place on the river Mandakini. Hence this place is known as Ramghat.

  • Boat Ride Cost : The ideal cost is INR 150-200.
  • Location: Ratna wali marg, Chitrakoot.
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Ramghat Mandakini River Aarti (Evening)

  • Timings: Open 24 hours.
  • Aarti Timings : 6:30 PM every day
  • Entry fee: There are no charges to visit the ghat.
  • Address: Ratnawali marg, Ram Ghat Rd, Kashavgarh, Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh 210204

We came to Ramghat by auto. Ram ghat is not far from auto stand. You can easily go to Ram ghat. The auto wala got us down near Ram ghat.

We started on foot to Ram ghat and on the way to Ramghat you will find shops on both sides. Here you get to see many shops, like here you get to see the utensils shop.

A clothing store is available to visit. Bookshops are available for viewing, where you will find Ramayana, Geeta, religious books to buy.

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Here you will also get to see the tea samosa shop for food and drink. As soon as you come to Ramghat, you will get to see a bridge to go to the other side of Ram ghat. You can also go across the ghat from this bridge.

You can also move around in Ram ghat with your four wheeler and two wheeler. There is a bridge here, so that you can take the car comfortably on both sides of Ramghat.

In the evening the boatmen ask you to vote. If you want, you can enjoy voting here. It is very nice to visit Ram ghat in the evening.

In the evening, aarti of the Mandakini river is held here. In the evening, many people sit here and enjoy the aarti of the Mandakini river.

There is a fountain in the middle of the Mandakini river in Ramghat. When the aarti is on, this fountain is also turned on, which looks very picturesque.

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There are many temples on both sides of Ramghat. In Ram ghat you get to see a huge statue of Hanuman ji on one side. You can visit them.

You also get to see the statue of Tulsidas ji in Ram ghat. The aarti site of Mandakini river is situated next to the statue of Tulsidas. Aarti of Mandakini river takes place here.

The Mandakini river aarti takes place at 6 in the evening and a lot of people participate in the aarti. We would love to come to Ramghat.

Ram ghat is completely paved. When we went to Ram ghat, the water in the Mandakini river was not very deep. But there was a lot of slippery here, so if you take a bath in Ram Ghat, then do it carefully. You can spend a great time here.

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Nearby places to visit

  1. Bharat Koop
  2. Bharat Milap
  3. Gupt Godavari
  4. Hanuman Dhara
  5. Janki Kund
  6. Ramghat
  7. Sati Anusuya temple

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Photo of Ramghat Chitrakoot

ramghat chitrakoot
ramghat chitrakoot

best time to visit chitrakoot

January Best time 14 28
February Best time 16 32
March Best time 18 37
April 24 40
May 26 41
June 27 40
July 26 35
August 25 32
September 24 33
October Best time 23 36
November Best time 18 32
December Best time 15 30

Distances from Chitrakoot

  • Ayodhya – 272 km
  • Kanpur – 194 km
  • Lucknow – 237 km
  • Prayagraj – 127 km
  • Varanasi – 252 km

How to reach Chitrakoot?

  • Chitrakoot Dham railway station (Karwi) is 15 km from Chitrakoot.
  • The nearest airport is Prayagraj Airport, about 115 km from Chitrakoot.
  • The nearest major station is Manikpur Junction, about 32 km from Chitrakoot.
  • Distance from Chitrakoot Bus Stand: 2 Km.