Seating Arrangement Questions and Answer

Hello guyes, here We are learning to seating arrangement questions and answers for Competitive examination like as a cat, UPSC, CEED, CDSE, ibps po, NIFT Entrance Exam, IBPS PO Examination, GATE, LIC AAO, RRB NTPC, SSC CGL, SBI PO, RBI Grade B, JEE, bank Exam and CBSE exam or many more seating arrangement questions Best 10 Tips & tricks.

Seating Arrangement Questions and Answer

1. There are five members Pallavi,Quea,Radhika,Sumitra and Tina who are sitting on a collage ground. Tina & Quea are sitting together, Tina & Radhika are sitting together, Pallavi is on the extreme left, Quea is second from extreme right.

Who is sitting between Pallavi &Quea?

A) Quea & Radhika
B) Radhika & Tina
C) Radhika & Pallavi
D) Radhika & Sumitra

solution: B)Radhika & Tina

2. Five members are standing in one line. One of the two members at extreme end is a team leader and the other is a externaluser. A parents is to right of a member. An friends is to the left of the externaluser.

What is the position of parents from the left?

A) 2nd
B) 3rd
C) 4th
D) 1st

solution: B)3rd

3. Five girls are sitting in a row. Sumitra is sitting next to Radhika , who is sitting on the extreme left and Tina is not sitting next to Kavya.

Who are sitting adjacent to Sumitra ?

A) Kavya & Pallavi
B) Radhika & Pallavi
C) only Pallavi
D) Can’t say

solution: D)Can’t say

4. Arti,Bhavika,Chandni,Dhara,Ellonari and Falguni are sitting in a circular manner facing at the centre. Dhara is between Falguni and Bhavika, Arti is second to the left of Dhara and second to the right of Ellonari.

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Who is facing Arti?

A) Bhavika
B) Falguni
C) Dhara
D) Bhavika or Falguni

solution: D)Bhavika or Falguni

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5. Six friends are sitting in a circle and are facing the centre of the circle. Hitesh is between Prakash and Pankaj. Priti is between Mansukh and Lalit.Prakash is to the left of Mansukh.

Who is to the second right of Hitesh?

A) Lalit
B) Mansukh
C) Prakash
D) None of these

solution: B)Mansukh

6. Six people Pallavi,Quea,Radhika,Sumitra,Tina and U are sitting in a circular manner facing towards the centre.

Pallavi and Quea are opposite to each other
Radhika is to the left of Pallavi
Tina and Sumitra are opposite to each other
U is to the right of Sumitra

then who is to the left of Quea?

A) U
B) Tina
C) Quea
D) Sumitra


7. Five friends are seated in a collage ground for a photograph, Ankit sits to the immediate right of Rahul, who is not beside Hitesh. Latha sits to the immediate left of Suresh and is at the corner of the collage ground.

Who among the following are sitting at to the right of the Suresh ?

A) Ankit
B) Hitesh
C) Rahul
D) can’t say

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8. Five members sits in a row. Hitesh is not next to Kailesh, Gordhan sits two placeses to the right of Jaydeep. If Manji is sitting two places from the extreme right, then

who sits at the extreme left end of the row?

A) Gordhan
B) Manji
C) Kailesh
D) Jaydeep


9. Six friends were sitting around a circular table facing at the centre Ajay,Kevayt,Jaydeep,Hanumant,Darpan and Mayur. Jaydeep is sitting 2 places to the left of Ajay and opposite to kiran. If Darpan and Mayur are opposite to each other.

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Who is sitting left of Jaydeep?

A) Darpan
B) Mayur
C) Kevayt
D) Hanumant

solution: C)Kevayt

Linear/Row arrangement

#Direction for [ Question No: 1 To 4 ] : seating arrangement questions

Arti, Bhavika, Chandni, Dhara, Ellonari, Falguni and Geeta are sitting in a row facing North :

Falguni is to the immediate right of Ellonari.
Ellonari is 4th to the right of Geeta.
Chandni is the neighbour of Bhavika and Dhara
Person who is third to the left of Dhara is at one of ends.

1. What is the position of Arti ?

A) Between Ellonari and Dhara
B) Extreme left
C) Centre
D) Extreme right

solution: B)D

2. Who are the neighbours of Bhavika ?

A) Chandni and Dhara
B) Chandni and Geeta
C) Chandni and Falguni
D) Chandni and Ellonari


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3. Which of the following statement is not true ?

A) Ellonari is to the immediate left of Dhara
B) Arti is at one of the ends
C) Geeta is to the immediate left of Bhavika
D) Falguni is second to the right of Dhara

solution: Arti

4. Who are to the left of Chandni ?

A) Only Bhavika
B) Geeta, Bhavika and Dhara
C) Geeta and Bhavika
D) Dhara, Ellonari, Falguni and Arti

Best Advance Level : seating arrangement questions

Direction for [ Question No: 5 To 9 ] : seating arrangement questions

Arti ,Bhavika, Chandni, Dhara and Ellonari are five men sitting in a line facing to south – while Manshavi, Neeta, Orkita, Pallavi and Quea are five ladies sitting in a second line parallel to the first line and are facing to North.
Bhavika who is just next to the left of Dhara, is opposite to Quea.
Chandni and Neeta are diagonally opposite to each other.
Ellonari is opposite to Orkita who is just next right of Manshavi.
Pallavi who is just to the left of Quea, is opposite to Dhara.
Manshavi is at one end of the line.

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5.In the original arrangement who is sitting just opposite to Neeta ?

A) Bhavika
B) Arti
C) Chandni
D) Dhara

solution: B

6.If Orkita and Pallavi, Arti and Ellonari and Bhavika and Quea interchange their positions, then who will be the second person to the right of the person

who is opposite to the person second of the right of Pallavi ?

A) Dhara
B) Arti
C) Ellonari
D) Orkita


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7. Which of the following pair is diagonally opposite to each other ?

A) EllonariQuea
B) BhavikaOrkita
C) ArtiNeeta
D) AManshavi


8. If Bhavika shifts to the place of Ellonari, Ellonari shifts to the place of Quea, and Quea shifts to the place of Bhavika, then

who will be the second to the left of the person opposite to Orkita ?

A) Quea
B) Pallavi
C) Ellonari
D) Dhara

solution:Arti – Quea

9.Who is sitting third to the right of Orkita ?

A) Quea
B) Neeta
C) Manshavi
D) Data inadequate

solution:A – Quea

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