shab e meraj (Isra and Mi’raj) 2022 : Best History & Significance Of The Night Of Ascent

shab e meraj or also known as Shabe Meraj, is a major Islamic festival celebrated on the twenty-seventh night of Rajab.

This festival has a very important place in Islam because it is believed that on this night Muhammad Saheb traveled from Mecca to Bait al-Mukhaddas and after that he got the vision of Allah while traveling the seven unequals.

In Islamic beliefs, this event is known as Isra and Meraj and due to this incident, this festival of shab e meraj is celebrated.

shab e meraj 2022

In the year 2022, the festival of Shab-e-Meraj will be celebrated on Tue, Mar 1, 2022 (Tentative Date) – Optional Holiday.

Why shab e meraj is celebrated?

shab e meraj is a major festival celebrated by the Muslim community. This event is a major part of the life of Prophet Muhammad and is considered nothing short of a miracle.

It is believed that on this day Muhammad experienced various signs of Allah during his visit to Isra and Meraj.

The first part of this journey is known as Isra, while the second part is known as Meraj, but in general, both the events are called Meraj.

Isra means to walk in a part of the night.

shab e meraj festival
shab e meraj festival

During this, the Prophet of Allah, Prophet Muhammad, by the grace of Allah, had completed the distance of forty days from Masjid Haram in Mecca to the Aqsa Masjid in Palestine, in just a small part of the night.

The second part of the journey after this is known as Meraj, which means the means of climbing or the ladder because from Masjid Aqsa, Muhammad was taken to the skies where he met different prophets and important people.

After this, he finally met Allah, since then this important festival named shab e meraj started being celebrated on this special day.

How Do We Celebrate shab e meraj?

This festival of shab e meraj is celebrated with great pomp by the Muslim community all over the world.

On this day special prayers are organized in the night time and along with this many people keep fast on this day.

Along with this, mosques are also specially decorated and lamps are also lit on this day to celebrate the night of Muhammad’s meeting with Allah.

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People wash their bath in the morning and spend their whole day in the worship of God.

At night, a different kind of day is seen because a large number of people gather in mosques at night.

Where the Prophet remembers Muhammad and prays to Allah. Along with this processions and fairs are also organized at many places.

Although many people fast for the whole month of Rajab, but fasting on 26th and 27th of this month gives special results.

Modern Tradition of shab e meraj

shab e meraj-2022
shab e meraj-2022

Like every festival, in today’s time, many changes have come in the festival of shab e meraj.

Many of these changes are good, so many of these changes are not according to the present time. In today’s time than before, this festival is celebrated on a much larger scale.

At present, people no longer observe this festival with the same restrictions as before, where earlier people necessarily fasted on this day, whereas in today’s time very few people observe fast on this day.

We should keep in mind that the traditional form of this festival of shab e meraj should be maintained, so that this festival can become more and more popular in the coming times.

Significance of shab e meraj

This festival of shab e meraj holds a very important place in the religion of Islam because on this night Prophet Mohammad Saab traveled to the seven heavens and met various prophets and important people before him, along with this night he visited Allah in heaven. had met.

In fact, this event holds great significance in Islamic beliefs as the two-part journey known as Isra and Meraj represents the event of the Prophet Muhammad receiving the vision of Allah along with his body.

shab e meraj-new
shab e meraj-new

This journey made on the night of the twenty-seventh of the month of Rajab is not a simple matter because on this day the first journey made by the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem, which is known as Isra, was completed in just a few hours,

While at that time this journey used to take about 40 days, but it was a miracle of God that Mohammad Saheb had decided this journey of 40 days in a few hours of the night.

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Which tells us that no matter how many problems there are, but if we are true and sure of faith, then God will definitely help us.

Allah himself sent Hazrat Jibril to bring Prophet Muhammad to him.

During his visits to the seven unequals, he met many prophets and supernatural men.

When he reached heaven, he also had a vision of Allah there and Allah himself asked him to bring the message of the good of humanity to the earth and also asked him to order five times prayers to humanity, because of these wonderful events.

The festival of shab e meraj has got such an important place in Islam.

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History of shab e meraj

The incident of Shab-e-Meraj is one of the most important events and miracles that happened in Islamic history.

On this night the Prophet Muhammad made a forty-day journey from Mecca to Jerusalem in just a few hours of the night and traveled through the seven heavens to see Allah Tala with his body.

There are two parts of this journey, Isra and Meraj, on the night of the twenty-seventh of Rajab, Prophet Muhammad completed the journey from Mecca to Jerusalem in just a few hours, after reaching Jerusalem, he also offered prayers in the Aqsa Mosque there. Had it.

His second journey after this is known as Meraj, which means ladder or means of climbing because it is believed that with the help of Hazrat Jibril, Prophet Muhammad traveled through the seven heavens to reach heaven, where he was called Allahtala. Views were received.

Scientific Truth of Shabe Miraj

According to Islamic beliefs and texts, Prophet Muhammad of Allah was sleeping in his house.

Then a gentleman came to him who was none other than Hazrat Jibril, the angel of God himself.

He took Mohammad Sahib to the Hatim near the Kaaba and cut his chest and took out his heart and washed it in a gold plate, this golden plate was full of faith and righteousness.

After this, Hazrat Jibril put the heart of Prophet Mohammad Saab back in his chest as before. After this the journey of Isra started, after that an animal was brought to him.

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This animal was a little smaller than a horse and a little bigger than a donkey, which was white in colour.

That animal is also known by the name Burak. It is believed that when Burak was brought in front of Prophet Muhammad, Jain was tight on him, but when the nail was forged on him, he started doing some hesitation.

When he came to know that the Prophet of Allah himself is in front of him, Mohammad Saheb, then he lost his sweat.

After this, Mohammad Saheb rode on that Buraq and reached Baitul Muqdis, where he tied the Burak and went to offer Namaz inside the mosque.

After the prayer, Hazrat Jibril caught the hand of Prophet Muhammad and took him to Allahtala in heaven while traveling through the seven heavens.

During his journey to these seven heavens he met various prophets and divine men of Allah.

He met Hazrat Adam on the first sky, Hazrat Isa in the second sky, Hazrat Yahya, on the third sky Yusuf, in the fourth sky with Hazrat Idris, on the fifth heaven with Hazrat Harun and on the sixth sky he met Hazrat Musa.

After this, on the seventh sky, Prophet Muhammad met the most angels and he got to see all kinds of wonders.

In the end, he got the vision of Allahtala and ordered Prophet Muhammad to convey his message to the people and to explain the importance of five times Namaz.