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What is Soloop App, ApK Download – Today we will know about Soloop video editing app and How To Use Soloop App. How to download this app, as well as how to use the app as well as what are the benefits of the app.

Through this post, we have to keep more and more people aware about the new apps coming in the market every day. So let’s go public. What is Soloop App?

What is Soloop App? – Reviews | online | Ratings | Free

Soloop is a kind of video / photo editing application, with the help of which we can do a very good touch and brighten by editing the normal picture / videos recorded from our phone camera.

This app is like a pre-installed application in Realme Ui, using which you can edit your normal photos by giving them a good touch.

The special thing about Soloop App is that with the help of this app you can edit photos and videos on any social media app like: Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, G-Drive, Moj, Sharechat, Helo, Josh, Photos You can share on platforms like Mitron, Chingari, Roposo, Gallery etc.

This app especially comes only in those phones of Realme Company in which Realme Ui 2 is available. Of course, we can also download it in the rest of the phone.

how to download soloop app?

You can also download Soloop App by clicking on the button given below. Or you can also download with the help of these steps.

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soloop app
soloop app
  1. First open the Play Store App on your phone.
  2. Then in the search bar at the top, click Care and type Soloop.
  3. As soon as you do this search, an app named Soloop will start appearing in the top search in your phone.
  4. If this app is available for your phone then it will show then only you will be able to follow further steps otherwise you will have to download it from the above button.
  5. Your download will start as soon as you click on your Install button and in a short time the App will also be installed automatically.

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Advantages of Soloop App

  • With the help of Soloop App, you can make your photos cool by using Cool Photo Frames.
  • There are many frames in this app, with the help of which you can give a good look to your photos.
  • You can edit your photos as well as videos in this app.
  • This app sends you an alert notification when there is any new frame and information of any kind or any
  • kind of discount and feature update in Soloop App.
  • Using this app, you can increase Editing Skills in both Photos and Videos.

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There are 2 modes in this App:

  1. Auto Generate: To use this feature, all you have to do is select and add your photos/videos together, after this the app itself optimizes the content or sorts them according to their category. Apart from this, you may have to add some Animations like Entry / Exit to it.
  2. Manual Edit: Using this feature, you can edit, optimize, add animation, audio/ sound and add multiple photos and videos together to create a final viso as per your wish.
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how to use soloop app?

To use this app, you just have to download this app, after that either you can log in to this app or you can take advantage of direct editing by skipping this part.

There are many templates given in this app, with the help of which you just have to add your video or photo according to those templates and the final file will be exported to the video as per your requirement.

It is very easy to use this app as well as Realme’s Hey Cloud is also connected in this app, so if your phone lacks storage then you can store your export files on its cloud as well.

Soloop App Review

Talking about the review and user interface of this app, then this app is very easy to use and it does not even contain ads. So apart from being free, having so many features inside a single app is a great thing.

And if we talk about the rating of Soloop App, then this app has been given a rating of 5 and till now it has only 100+ downloads.


what is soloop app?

This App is a kind of Photo / Video Editing Application software, with the help of which App can edit your daily photoshoots, videos and give a great look.

Soloop App Alternative

No, this app does not have an alternative yet because the rest of the apps are currently Paid with so many features or we have to see Ads first to use them.

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Soloop app banned in India

No, this app comes pre-installed with Realme Ui 2 OS. This app has recently come in the market, so very few people know it now.

is soloop app chinese?

Whether this app is Chinese or not, it is not written anywhere but yes it is currently available mostly for Realme Phones only.


Hope you liked our post What is Soloop App and How To Use Soloop App. If you still have any suggestion or problem after this, then you can take full advantage of the comment box given below.