how to add/Insert blank space in html Code?

I learn to Space in HTML can be difficult to understand step by step for the novice some faces big problems for web designer, because whether you type 1 space or 100 in your HTML DOM user interface, also point to be noted the web browser automatically collapses those some available spaces down to just single.

There are multiple of methods to add blank space

1) use  

  • HTML: mp4moviez1|mp4moviez2|mp4moviez3
  • Output: mp4moviez1|mp4moviez2|mp4moviez3
  • HTML: mp4moviez1 | mp4moviez2  |  mp4moviez3
  • Output: mp4moviez1 | mp4moviez2  |  mp4moviez3
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2) use <pre>

The simple Example here text within the pre html tag will retain all data its line breaks as well as multiple space with indents if any.

  • HTML: <pre>mp4moviez1   |      mp4moviez2|       mp4moviez3</pre>
  • Output: mp4moviez1   |      mp4moviez2|       mp4moviez3

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3) use style padding

This line starts after some blank space at left, i.e. 20px

  • HTML: <span style="padding-left:20px">mp4moviez1    | mp4moviez2  |   mp4moviez3</span>
  • Output:                   mp4moviez1    | mp4moviez2  |   mp4moviez3
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I hope you get an idea about space in html.
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