SQL create table primary key Autoincrement

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SQL create table primary key Autoincrement

SQL – Primary Key(unique not null). A primary key is a one type of the field in a mysql table which uniquely(all value is unique) identifies each simple particular row/record (data) store in a database table. here simple Primary keys must be all the contain unique values. and It’s very useful the seprate database row all records and maping data to the A primary key column cannot any have NULL values stored.In this POST, Explain to The SQL create table primary key Autoincrement Example : Pakainfo.com

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sql create table primary key autoincrement

A primary key Very Impo. column cannot contain “NULL” values.

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Welcome to the In Pakainfo.com website! You will Step By Step learn web programming, easy and very fun. This website allmost provides you with a complete web programming tutorial presented in an easy-to-follow manner. Each web programming tutorial has all the practical examples with web programming script and screenshots available.SQL create table primary key Autoincrement

SQL AUTO INCREMENT Field :The AUTOINCREMENT in mysql keyword is termed by all other keywords in mysql in other database systems.

Sql create table with primary key with Syntax

Basic sql create simple table with simple primary key (unique key) Syntax is explained below.

FieldName1 int,
FieldName2 varchar(100),
FieldName3 varchar(100),
FieldName4 varchar(100),
FieldName5 varchar(100),
FieldName6 varchar(100),
FieldName7 varchar(100),
FieldName8 varchar(100),
FieldName9 varchar(100),
PRIMARY KEY (FieldName1)

Sql create table with primary key with Example

Basic sql Example to create simple table with simple primary key (unique key) Example is explained below.

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CREATE TABLE serviceManagement
ServiceID int,
ServiceName varchar(100),
ServiceEmail varchar(100),
Servicesub varchar(100),
ServiceImg varchar(100),
Servicelang varchar(100),
Serviceproduct varchar(100),
Servicesales varchar(100),
Servicedesc varchar(100),
Servicetitle varchar(100),
ServiceAddress varchar(100),
ServiceCity varchar(100),

Delete Primary Key:

Note : Thge Primary keys (required)must contain (different) UNIQUE values.



The AUTO INCREMENT Keywords uniq fields are used for primary key auto generating different values for particular each column whenever new row or records is being inserted.

 yourcolumn_name data_type(varchar,int) constraint AUTO_INCREMENT;

Demo Example


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