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Step by step use Article/Post Submission Guide Lines

Thanks for being here, if you are interested in writing for us (Guest Article/Guest Blogging/Guest Posting), below are some of the guidelines of (Guest Article/Guest Blogging/Guest Posting) you would need to follow in order for your post to be published on the site.

We accept guest Articles/posts on the following topics:

  • Google Ad-sense Articles
  • Health Articles
  • New Technology Articles
  • Ubuntu/linux Articles
  • WordPress/woocommerce Articles
  • HTML and CSS (HTML/CSS/Bootstrap/w3.css/colors) Articles
  • JavaScript (JAVASCRIPT/Jquery/Angular.js/React.js/Vue.js/AJAX) Articles
  • Server Side (Laravel/Codeigniter/Magento/MySQL/SQL/PHP/ASP/Node.js) Articles
  • XML (XML/AJAX/DOM/DTD/Schema/XQuery) Articles
  • Programming (Python/Java/C++/C#/C Programming) Articles

Content Guidelines:

  • Blog Post must be original Data content and must not have been published online.
  • Blog Post need to be a minimum of 600 words, however, we do prefer content that’s more in the 900-1,200 word range
  • Guest post should not any Promotion Type contain affiliate links
  • Only one link are allowed to a particular each domain.
  • Guest post should not data contain links to a lead page or any type of the business product page. Instead you can have a link to your website within your bio


You can send an Blog article/post using the below way,

mail:- [email protected]
skype id- comming soon…