sum of two textbox values into third textbox using javascript

Today, We want to share with you sum of two textbox values into third textbox using javascript.In this post we will show you how to concatenate two textbox values in javascript, hear for addition of two textbox values in jquery we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about how to add two numbers in javascript using textbox with an example.

how to multiply value of two textboxes into the third text box in javascript?


JavaScript Code

 function sum() {
       var inputFirstNumberValue = document.getElementById('input1').value;
       var inputSecondNumberValue = document.getElementById('input2').value;
       if (inputFirstNumberValue == "")
           inputFirstNumberValue = 0;
       if (inputSecondNumberValue == "")
           inputSecondNumberValue = 0;

       var outputs = parseInt(inputFirstNumberValue) + parseInt(inputSecondNumberValue);
       if (!isNaN(outputs)) {
           document.getElementById('input3').value = outputs;

Source Code


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