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sundar pichai salary per month in rupees Rs.176 crore per month in year of the 2022. There was a $2 million increment in the annual salary of Mr. Pichai.

Sundar pichai salary per month in rupees

Sundar Pichai needs no introduction. And their reaching from floor to floor is a matter of pride for India. Sundar Pichai is working as the CEO of Google, the world’s largest company. highest salary ceo in the world 2022.

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If you talk about google ceo salary, Sundar Pichai is among the top 10 highest paid CEOs in the world. In today’s article, we will tell you how much is sundar pichai salary per month in indian rupees?

sundar pichai salary per month in rupees : 5.87 crore. Every month, he makes around Rs. 176 crore in Indian Rupees. A $2 million increase in Mr Pichai.

Sundar pichai salary per month in rupees

Name Sundar Pichai
Net Worth In Indian Rupees Rs. 9755 Crore
Net Worth (2022) $1310 million (1.31 Billion)
Average Annual Income $220 Million
Personal Investments $572.5 Million
Luxury Cars – 5 $1.3 Million

Who is Sundar Pichai?

Sundar Pichai earn
Sundar Pichai earn

Sundar Pichai is America’s largest companies Alphabet and Google’s Chief Executive Officer (ceo). Sundar Pichai joined the Google company in 2004 as a management consultant. After Sundar Pichai made Chrome OS and Android app, he got a new identity in the world. After which Sundar Pichai was appointed as the CEO of Google on 2 October 2015.]

Sundar Pichai’s Birth & Early Life

Sundar Pichai was born on 12 July 1972 in a middle class Tamil family in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. The original name of Sundar Pichai is Pichai Sundararajan.

Citizenship : United States

Sundar Pichai’s father’s name is Raghunath Pichai, who worked as an electrical engineer in a British company. Sundar Pichai’s mother’s name is Lakshmi Devi. who was a stenographer.

sundar pichai earning, net worth, salary, income or many more

here we can know you sundar pichai salary in rupees : sundar pichai salary per day is ₹ 2,48,24,972.01, and sundar pichai monthly salary is ₹ 53,78,74,393.50.

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sundar pichai salary per second
sundar pichai salary per second

current google ceo name: Sundar Pichai

Note : Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google as well as his salary is not publicly disclosed.

Sundar Pichai gets ₹1,721 crore pay package on becoming Alphabet CEO

2015 – 2020. over $1 billion (which is 100 crores in INR) every year
Pichai’s base salary $2 million (which is around Rs 20 lakh)
In 2016 US$199.7 million

What is Sundar Pichai’s monthly Income?

sundar pichai salary per month in rupees 2022 – salary of sundar pichai
This average income of Sundar Pichai is around :- here you can read sundar pichai salary in a day, annual income of sundar pichai in indian currency, google ceo salary in rupees 2022 per month, sundar pichai total income and total net worth of sundar pichai in rupees.

  • Annual: ₹ 6,45,44,92,722.00
  • Monthly: monthly salary of sundar pichai in indian rupees is : ₹ 53,78,74,393.50
  • Weekly: ₹ 12,41,24,860.04
  • Daily: ₹ 2,48,24,972.01

Education of Sundar Pichai

Born in a middle class family in India, Sundar Pichai has faced a lot of struggle and difficulties to achieve this success.
Since being associated with the engineer family, he has had a lot of interest in technology since childhood.

Sundar Pichai has completed his tenth standard from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Ashok Nagar, Chennai. And completed class XII at Vana Vani School, Chennai.

After completing his schooling, Sundar Pichai joined IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), Kharagpur to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Where he earned a Bachelor’s degree from Metallurgical Engineering. He was also given the Silver Medal in 1973 for his good performance in his batch.

After completing Bachelor’s degree in 1995, MS from Stanford University, USA. Studied materials science. After which in 2002 he completed his MBA degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

How did Sundar Pichai join Google?

sundar pichai salary per month in rupees
sundar pichai salary per month in rupees

Sundar Pichai is such a person who does not give up on his bad financial conditions and moves forward by making them his strength. He did his first job as a product manager in a company. But in 2004 there was a turning point in his life where he got a chance to join Google.

Google held an interview for the post of Management Consultant in 2004.

Where Sundar Pichai got selected in the interview. Sundar Pichai shared the incident of joining Google for the first time in an interview where he told that he was interviewed for the first time on Google’s product. Was asked about ‘Gmail’.

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But he did not know anything about ‘Gmail’.  And ‘Gmail’ was launched on the same day.

Sundar Pichai joined Google Company in 2004 as a Management Consultant. After which he did many research in Google. Worked on different products of Google. He was also promoted during the same period. Where in 2008 Sundar Pichai was promoted to the post of Product Development Vice President.

After Sundar Pichai came to Google, there was a lot of progress in the Google company. After that, seeing his work, he started getting offers from big technology companies like Microsoft. But at the behest of his wife Anjali Pichai, he remained connected with Google.

Anjali is today Business Operations Manager at Intuit Company. They have two children. Son’s name is Kiran Pichai and daughter Kavya Pichai.

He worked on Google’s browser tool. Where Sundar had an important role to bring users to the Chrome Web browser. After which, seeing his hard work and hard work, Google founder Larry Page announced him to be the CEO of Google in 2015.

sundar pichai salary per month in indian rupees


The success story of Sundar Pichai is an inspiration to many. He has become a self-made millionaire with his hard work and limited resources. Sundar Pichai gets a salary of crores of rupees from Google.

in sundar pichai salary per month in rupees, Pichai was paid a salary of $ 281 million i.e. Rs 2,145 crore by Google in 2019. It earns Rs. 1,76 crore every month. Which is an earning of about 5.87 crores per day.

This data has been increasing continuously since 2015. And in 2022 Sundar Pichai’s salary will increase by $ 2 million.

Let us tell you that Sundar Pichai’s earnings are 1085 times more than the total salary of Google employees.

Sundar Pichai earned $ 100 million in 2015 and $ 199 million in 2016.

Sundar has a major part of Google’s salary in the form of shares of the company. He has approximately 115,007 shares of Google.

Interesting Facts About Sundar Pichai

Sundar pichai
Sundar pichai

Sundar Pichai’s life has been simple, he had told in an interview that he had to sleep on the floor due to his poor financial condition.

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Due to no money, he used to use his old things again and again, so that he could save some.

Sundar is a courageous, honest man born in the middle class. It has the power to touch the heights of the world with its sharp mind.

He was always loyal to Google and as a result he was appointed CEO of Google.

In 2014, Sundar Pichai was invited by the Microsoft company for the post of CEO. But he had turned down this offer.

Sundar Pichai’s wife is Anjali Pichai. Both of them met at IIT, Kharagpur. After which they got married. Now they also have two children, whose names are Kavya Pichai and Kiran Pichai.

Final Conclusion – sundar pichai salary per month in rupees

Sundar Pichai is everyone’s favorite and popular in the world. His calm behavior and coolness attracts people to himself. Sundar Pichai is indeed a genius and a smart person.

Pichai has been working with Google for 16 years and in this time Sundar Pichai has taken Google to great heights.

So friends, you have obtained complete information about sundar pichai biography, google ceo sundar pichai salary per month in rupees in this article. Hope you liked the article. Thank you