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Java super Keyword Syntax With Example

here simple you learn to Keywords of java, Super is a one type of the reference (superclass (parent) objects.) variable that is used to references parent class of main object. Also i learn into my prev Best Articles on this keyword, final keyword, static keyword in java.

Use of Core Java super keyword

Simple Definition: Super() is used to invoke parent class constructor, method or variable.

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super keyword in java

lass Katmoviehd{
	String jiorockers="bolly4u";
class Khatrimaza extends Katmoviehd{
		String jiorockers="jalshamoviez";
		void printJiorockers(){
class Okhatrimaza{
	public static void main(String args[]){
		Khatrimaza c=new Khatrimaza();

Results :


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