How to Get Current Date and Time in PHP?

In this post we will show you php today’s date, hear for php get month from date we will give you demo and example for implement. Throughout, In this tutorial you’ll learn php datetime.This article goes in detailed on implementing php strtotime.If you want to learn php string to date. So, from this post, you … Read more

How to change date format in PHP?

This Article helps to you date format in php using strtotime() as well as date() methods to convert date time formats for user friendly. For simple example you have stored a date like as a YYYY-MM-DD default formats in a php variable as well as required to update this to MM-DD-YYYY date formats. How do … Read more

PHP String Explode and Implode Function

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Question: what does explode and implode do in php? Today, We want to share with you What is the difference between explode () and split () functions in PHP?.In this post we will show you What is explode in PHP?, hear for How do you use implode and explode in laravel? we will give you … Read more