Top 10 Advanced VueJS Interview Questions Answers

Top 10 Advanced VueJS Interview Questions Answers

Today, We want to share with you Top 10 Advanced VueJS Interview Questions Answers.
In this post we will show you Top 10 VueJS Interview Questions & Answers, hear for Top 10 VueJS Interview Questions and Answers we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Top VueJS Interview Questions With Answers with an example.

Question 1 :What Is Vue.js?

Answer : “progressive JavaScript framework”The Vue.js is a user friendly progressive pure JavaScript framework and also used to make the interactive user friendly or layout interfaces and also vuejs some focused on the HTML Dom view layer only Browsers side (front end) app’s.

Question 2 :How To Install Vuejs?

Answer : Download Vue.js List of methods
1. Link to put
2.npm install vue
3.simple vuejs bower install vue
4. Simple using CDN Like

Question 3 :How to simple create an instance of Vuejs?

Answer : using new keywords : You can make Vue instance with the Vue simple function:

//View HTML Model Class
var viewModel = new Vue({
  // options

Example vuejs create an instance
////View Model Class
var viewModel = new Vue({
  el: '#Your-app-name',
  data: {
    WelcomeMsg: 'Hello, We are'
  methods: {
    IsEnable: function() {
      return true;

Question 4 :What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Vuejs?

Answer : List of Vuejs Advantages – Vuejs Disadvantages –

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List of Vuejs Advantages

1.Easy for web-applications and user friendly interfaces development
2.Support same to angular Two-way communication and data bindning
3.Ability to all the function and methods control the states
3.Natural lighr weight process

List of Vuejs Disadvantages

1.Limited HTML DOM scope
2.vue Single creator
3.Small javascript framework with developer community

Question 5 : How to make Constants in Vuejs?

Answer : To simple make constant const keyword is used in vuejs,
1.//Creating a Constant in vue
2. //Importing a Constant in vue

export const base_URL = ''

import {base_URL} from '../app/base/constants.js';

Question 6 :what is the vuejs list of the features?

Answer : Vue js comes with main features.
1.Templates in vuejs
3.vuejs Components
4.vue Transitions
5.Routing using vuejs

Question 7 :What are filters in vuejs?

Answer : A Vue.js filter is one time or more time user initally based a function that takes a some value, and it’s processes, as well as then returns user need the processed some data value.

<div directive="YOUR_VUEJS_EXPRESSION | filterId [args...]"></div>

Question 8 : What are Components in Vue.js?

Answer : Vue Components are powerful features .

“In Vuejs components are user custom HTML elements that help you any data extend basic some DOM HTML tags elements to selectors encapsulate and more times reusable source code.”

Question 9 :What are List Directives in VUE.js?

Answer : There are list vuejs Directives, commonly used directives in Vue.js
1. v-show //display
2.v-if //vuejs check conditions
3.v-model //bind data
4.v-else //some conditions
5.v-on //conditions

Question 10 :How many List are type of Directive in Vuejs

Answer :types of vuejs directives Like..
vue General Directives
Literal vuejs Directives
simple Empty Directives
Custom vue Directives

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