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Today’s article is going to teach you something. You also have to get complete information about Udaybhan Rathod and want to know who was Uday bhan Rathod, so read today’s article very carefully from beginning to end, in this article we will give you complete information related to Uday bhan Rathod.

Who was Udaybhan Rathore Really? – Maratha history

udaybhan rathod
udaybhan rathod

As you know, our India is world famous for many things, whether it is the battle of Mahabharata or the discovery of 0, our India has illuminated its name everywhere, for your information, let us tell you that our India is the oldest.

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Civilization and the largest language speaking country is the only country, where the oldest civilization is settled and most languages are spoken in our country India.

There have been many warriors in the history of India who have risked their lives to protect Mother India, the battles of these warriors have been mostly seen from the Mughal Empire.

Fighting with the Mughals is a common thing, but in history there was a warrior who, despite being a Hindu by religion, fought on behalf of the Mughals and the name of this warrior is Udaybhan Rathod, the amazing thing is Uday Bhan Singh.

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Rathor, who was a Rajput, had fought with the Hindu Maratha king in history. So after listening to this story, a question comes in everyone’s mind that who was Uday bhan Rathod, who betrayed the soil of his own country India.

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Who is Udaybhan Rathod? –  real story

For your information, let us tell you that Uday Bhan Singh was born in 1635 and was a Rajput warrior. Udaybhan Rathod was a very powerful warrior and he was loyal to the Hindu Empire from the very beginning.

But later he impressed the Mughals with his bravery and became their subedar together with them. After all, to know why Uday Bhan Singh Rajput did this, you have to go back a little.

Name Udaybhan Singh Rathod
Born 1635
Died February 1670
Age 35 years
Religion Hindu
Caste Rajput
Work Warrior

Why did Udaybhan Rathod fight against Tanaji and in favor of Aurangzeb?

In those days, Uday Bhan used to go to Jagat Singh’s royal palace in a royal family to teach fencing to Princess Kamala Devi, so he used to meet Princess Kamala Devi daily.

As time passes, Udaybhan Rathod falls in love with the princess, and as Uday bhan Rathod professes his love for the princess. So the princess rejects Uday Bhan’s proposal saying that you and we are no match.

Then Uday bhan Rathod says how there is no match my father is also a mahant.

Then the princess replies to Uday bhan Rathod that it is not about wealth and property, there is no match between you and my blood, I know very well that your father is a mahant but your mother, the princess becomes silent after saying this.

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And on hearing this, Uday bhan Rathod feels very bad about this, and on hearing this, Uday Bhan starts hating the Rajputs.

And Uday Bhan returns to his home and takes an oath while hugging his mother.

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And according to the same oath, he goes to the Mughal Empire and shows the display of his power to the Mughals. Due to which, Raja Udai Singh joins Uday Bhan Rathore in the Mughal army.

And similarly, Uday Bhan Rathore, despite being a Rajput, supports the Mughals burning in the fire of vengeance and the Mughals kill the prince who is married to that princess and after that Uday bhan Rathod takes the princess captive in his own hands.

Take it along, because of this love Uday Bhan Rathore wanted to take revenge and because of this vengeance Rajput Uday Bhan Rathore supports the Mughals and taking advantage of this power of Mughal Uday bhan Rathod would have made the subedar of Kunala district.

So friends, this was the reason that despite being a Rajput, Uday Mann fights on behalf of the Mughals.

About Tanaji Malusare

  • Date of Birth: 1600 A.D
  • Date of Death: 1670 A.D
  • Father’s Name: Sardar Kaloji
  • Marital Status: Married (at the time of death)
  • Mother’s Name: Parvatibai
  • Place of Birth: Godavali, Javali Taluka Satara, Maharashtra
  • Place of Death: Sinhagad, Pune
  • Siblings: Brother-Sardar Suryaji
  • Wife/Spouse: Savitri Malusare
  • Cause of Death: Wounded badly fighting in the battlefield
  • Children: Son-Rayaba Malusare

How did udaybhan rathod die? A timeline of his final moments

The matter is of the battle of 4 February 1670, in which the battle was fought with Subedar Tanaji in Konthana district, in that battle UdayBhan Rathod died at the hands of the Subedar. Uday Bhan Rathore died on 4 February 1670.

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So friends, now you must have come to know who Rajput Uday Bhan Rathore was and why he betrayed our mitt by collaborating with the Mughals, if you liked this information about UdayBhan Rathod given by us, then you must share this article to your friends.

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